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高山寺 Kosanji

  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
  • Arashiyama / Kinkaku-ji Temple Area
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Arashiyama / Kinkaku-ji Temple Area
8 Umegahata Toganocho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 616-8295, Japan
  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
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Date of post:2015/11/24

One of the oldest temples in Kyoto, World Heritage Site, Origin of Japan’s Manga culture

  • Temple / Shrine

♪~kyoto Toganoh Kozanji koi ni tsukareta onna ga hitori~♪
(a lonely lady with a broken heart clad in oshima tsumugi kimono and tsudure obi casts a shadow onto the stone pavement)

This old temple is located about one hour by bus from Kyoto station. The song by a Japanese vocal quartet made this place more popular during the mid-1950s. The tune of the song really fits in this place!

This temple is famous as the first place in Japan where tea trees were planted and spread throughout the country by the abbot “Myoe”(a Japanese Buddhist monk 1173-1232) in the 13th century. Most of the original buildings were destroyed by fires during the civil war, Sekisuiin (a scripture hall) exists. This house gives us the true sense of so called “Wabi Sabi”(meaning "taste for the simple, quiet and subdued refinement"). Sekisuiin, which is thought to have been the hermitage of abbot Myoe, exudes elegance within simplicity and boldness and it is also extremely functional. It is a masterpiece of residential architecture and it has been called the crystallization of the wisdom for living.’ (according to the pamphlet of the temple). A statue of Zendaidoji carved by Koku NISHIMURA stands in the middle of the wide veranda which adds more elegance and calm to this small house.

It will take at least 30 minutes to explore the compound of this temple. However, you can feel nature and enjoy walking in the woods.

This temple is also famous for having a set of 4 scrolls called Chojugiga (Picture Scrolls of Frolicking Birds and Animals) that is said to be the origin of Japanese manga (comic). They are now conserved in Kyoto National Museum.

The neighborhood of this temple is best famous for its autumn foliage in Kyoto along with Jingoji temple nearby. Restaurants are not available when it’s not the season of colored leaves but taking a bus or walking 10 minutes to Jingoji area, you can find different restaurants. This place is a bit far from Kyoto, but getting timetable of JR bus or Kyoto city bus you can enjoy this secluded beautiful place. Even in the summer this place is not as hot as central Kyoto.

I have to confess that if you want to visit Jingoji temple please get ready to climb up more than 500 stairs. They are steep in some parts.

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