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比叡山延暦寺 Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple

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  • Ogoto Onsen
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Ogoto Onsen
4220, Sakamotohommachi, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-0116, Japan
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The reception is from 9:00 am every day until 16:00
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Date of post:2015/11/05

The motherland of Japanese Buddhism

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Mt. Hiei stands at the northeast of Kyoto city. You can find it out easily. On the top of this high mountain, there are many temples. It is surprising to find so many temples there, but you will be more surprised when you know that this is very important place for Japanese Buddhism. That’s because that most of the founders of Japanese New Buddhism were educated here. This place is collectively called Enryaku-ji and is the motherland of Japanese Buddhism.

You can visit Enryaku-ji by using the cable cars or the driveway. If you go by car on the driveway, you can have good views of Biwa lake and Kyoto city from the spots with a panoramic view. You can also enjoy the sceneries on the way to Enryaku-ji.

The entrance is located at the corner of the parking lot. When you take a slope to the large hall, Dai Ko-do, you can enjoy story picture boards displayed along the way even though the explanations are written in Japanese.

The history of Enryaku-ji began when Saicho opened a temple in this mountain in 788. He went to China in 804 and studied Tendai, commandments, esoteric Buddhism and Zen there. In 805, he returned to Japan and opened the Tendai sect. The emperor Kanmu who built a new capital, Heian-kyo, expected Enryaku-ji to stabilize and guard the country by the power of Buddhism. After that, Enryaku-ji became the center of Japanese Buddhism and produced many new Buddhism founders like, Dogen, Yosai, Honen, Shinran and Nichiren.

Passing by Dai Ko-do, you have to walk a while to get to the most important place, Konpon Chu-do. There they keep the fire which has been kept lit for 1,200 years. Entering inside, you can feel the sacred and calm atmosphere. Beside Konpon Chu-do, there are many other buildings to see in the area. But this area, To-do, is a part of Enryaku-ji and there are two other areas called Sai-to and Yokawa along the driveway. If you have enough time, I recommend you to also visit these areas.

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