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龍安寺 Ryoanji Temple

  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
  • Arashiyama / Kinkaku-ji Temple Area
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Arashiyama / Kinkaku-ji Temple Area
13, Ryoanji Goryonoshitacho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 616-8001, Japan
  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
Opening Hours
[Mar-Nov]8:00-17:00, [Dec-Feb]8:30-16:30
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/04/23

The best place for your meditation

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences

After entering the main gate, Sanmon, you already feel a calm atmosphere while you walk along the path beside a pond. A few minutes of walking will take you to the entrance of the building. The building is called Kuri and it is just next to Hojyo to which the Rock Garden is attached. So you will see the garden on the left hand side after entering the entrance.

You will find nothing but rocks in the garden. But nothingness is the main concept of Zen Buddhism. The garden is made in the way to cut off everything, leaving only those rocks. You may want to find some meaning in the form of the garden. But what you have to find is yourself. There is an idiomatic phrase in Zen Buddhism “to look carefully at the place you are standing” meaning “to know thyself”. It is up to you how you feel to see the garden and you are free to translate in your own way what you see in the garden. So please sit quietly in front of the garden and feel by yourself. The garden is just like a problem displayed in front of you. Answers will differ one by one and every answer will be okay. It is the way to know yourself.

Leaving the garden and the building, you can roam in the outside garden. After the extreme abstraction, trees, rocks and moss will ease your brain tenderly.

On the way back to San-Mon, the path will lead you to the pond again. There are cherry trees around the pond and you are very lucky if you can visit there in early April.

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