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清水寺 Kiyomizu-dera Temple

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  • Gion / Kiyomizu-dera Temple Area
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Gion / Kiyomizu-dera Temple Area
1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0862, Japan
  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
Opening Hours
Opening time - 6:00, Closing time - depending on seasons
Open Every Day
Date of post:2016/08/16

Information for wheelchairs

  • Temple / Shrine

One of the reasons it is loved is because it is on the cliff of the mountainside of Mt. Otowa, which was constructed 1,200 years ago.
On the way to Kiyomizu-dera temple, wheelchairs must overcome steep slopes with stairs to get there.
Both sides of the approach are lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, and shops serving ice cream cones, and beverages including powdered green tea leaves, and so on.
There were many stairs around and on the premises of Kiyomizu-dera.
This meant that people in wheelchairs couldn’t pay their respects to the temple.

Several years ago, Kiyomizu-dera equipped a clockwise path on the ground for wheelchairs before all other temples in Kyoto.
This enabled wheelchairs to visit almost all Buddhist halls, waterfalls, and tea houses.
Above all they are able to enjoy the breathtaking view of Kyoto city from the temple on cliff of the mountainside, which is 13 meters tall.

Moreover, vehicles are generally not allowed to enter the premises, but only wheelchair accessible vans can park close to the main hall.

Kiyomizudera is one of the most popular sites of scenic beauty in Kyoto.
So, many people come to walk the streets and neighborhood to enjoy the view especially during the cherry blossom season, Autumn foliage, and on weekends.
It opens at 9:00 A.M.
My recommendation is to visit at 8:50 A.M. early in the morning, or at 4:30 P.M., before the sun sets.
The view of the sun set sun from the temple is really beautiful during any season.

Date of post:2015/04/23

One of the most famous temples in Japan

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences

Can you think of jumping from a height of 13 meters? In the Edo period (1603-1868), more than 200 people took an action like that because they believed that it was safe and their wish would come true if they jumped after praying to the thousand-armed Kannon which they worshiped in Kiyomizu-dera. The place from where they jumped is the famous stage of Kiyomizu of this temple. It was forbidden to jump from there in the Meiji era (1868-1912), but the saying “to jump from the stage of Kiyomizu” has remained. When one makes an important decision he would mention it.

The foundation of the temple was in the 8th century, but the buildings were lost in a fire many years later. The latest main hall was reconstructed in the 17th century with other buildings.

The first building you see when you visit the temple is the main gate, Nio-mon. Climbing up stone steps, you pass the Nio-mon. Walking beside a three-storied pagoda and other buildings, you will get to the entrance of the main hall which has a stage just like a large terrace attached to it. This is the stage of Kiyomizu. You can look down and feel the height from this stage. Getting out of the main hall, you will find a matchmaking shrine, Jishu shrine. Then you can visit Okunoin and from the terrace you can see the stage very well. This is the best place to take pictures. After going down the path, you will come to a T junction. If you have time, I recommend you to take the left way to visit Koyasunoto, another beautiful three-storied pagoda.

At the foot of the stage, there is a waterfall called Otowanotaki. If you drink this water, you are purified and your wishes will come true. From this place you can realize the height of the stage again.

After visiting the temple, your enjoyment will continue. The slope in front of the temple is called Kiyomizu-zaka and there are many shops along the slope. You can try some shops before you leave the place.

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