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京の焼肉処 弘 祇園山名庵 Kyoto Grilled Beef Restaurant Hiro Gion Yamanaan

  • Yakiniku (Korean BBQ)
  • Gion / Kiyomizu-dera Temple Area
Travelko Rating?

  • Price Rangelunch8,000~10,000JPY、dinner8,000~10,000JPY
  • ClosedDecember 31, January 1

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Gion / Kiyomizu-dera Temple Area
16 Sueyoshicho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0085, Japan
  • Yakiniku (Korean BBQ)
Opening Hours
17:00-24:00(Last Order 23:00)
December 31, January 1
Price Range
Date of post:2016/10/24

Yakiniku Hiro Gion Yamana-an, the best Wagyu in Kyoto

Yakiniku or Sushi? That’s the question we ask as someone wanting a nice meal for special occasions. That’s how important Yakiniku in Japanese cuisine is and if you haven’t had it yet, you must try it once. It’s Japanese style BBQ on the grill and you grill meat and vegetables yourself at the table on the grill in front of you. Yaki means grill and Niku means meat. Yakiniku literally means Grilled Meat. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Various kinds of beef parts that have different flavors and textures are available on the menu. Also, you choose the meat either to be marinated in sauce or salted. The main is beef, but pork, chicken and other ingredients are available. Also, vegetables and mushrooms as well as side dishes such as rice and noodles are on the menu.

When I was living in Los Angeles, I saw Yakiniku restaurants become popular because people on different diets can get together there. My Vegetarian friends were eating only grilled vegetables and salad while we enjoyed meat. The food preparation is simple that monitoring what you take in is easy, so it can host the people on different diets: meat lovers, vegetarians, MSG free, sugar free, gluten free and raw foods. The meat comes in small portions, so you can control how much you eat, too.

If you’re a Yakiniku beginner, choosing what to order can be challenging. That’s one reason why I recommend Gion Yamana-an. They provide dinner courses on the different price ranges. So, you don’t have to spend half an hour trying to figure out what to order. Also, their course dishes have enough volume; a little too much for women but satisfactory for men. I’ve been to many different Yakiniku places both inside and outside of Kyoto, but this place is the best so far. The quality of meat is good, has enough volume, the dishes are all good, but their price is not super high. They will take your food request; so let them know in advance if you have one such as “No liver, only meat”.

Here is what I had; the Shirakawa course 7000JPY per person. That included appetizer, Yukke (Wagyu Sashimi), cold dish, Wagyu Sushi (you grill the meat to your taste), four kinds of salt seasoned Wagyu, Kyoto local vegetables salad, four kinds of sauce marinated Wagyu, choice of rice or noodles, and sesame pudding as a dessert. Their beef tastes real Wagyu and all the dishes are deliciously prepared with attention to the details. They make salad dressing in the house using Kyoto local vegetables in season, so the flavor changes depending on the season. I love that!

Here is how to get there. Find the intersection of Shijo Street and Yamato-Oji Street in Gion Kyoto, and go up to north. Soon, you will encounter the Shirakawa River so go over the bridge. Keep going straight and you will find this traditional Japanese Machiya style restaurant on your left.

If you come back down to the south a little and go along the river toward the east, that’s the famous Shirakawa Street you see on Kyoto travel guide magazines. So, I recommend taking a walk on that beautiful path after dinner to enjoy the view. I hope you will enjoy the real Wagyu dinner at Yakiniku Hiro Gion Yamana-an along with the beauty of Gion

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