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閑臥庵 Kanga-an

  • Kaiseki / Course
  • Other Central Kyoto Area
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  • Price Rangelunch5,000~6,000JPY、dinner10,000~15,000JPY
  • ClosedOpen Every Day

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Other Central Kyoto Area
278 Shingoryoguchi-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 603-8146, Japan
  • Kaiseki / Course
Opening Hours
12:00-15:00(13:00 Last order), 17:00-21:00(19:00 Last order)
Open Every Day
Price Range
Date of post:2016/10/21

Beautiful food, and elegant space!

Kanga-an is a Chinese style Buddhist vegetarian restaurant, calls “Fucha Ryori”, housed within a Buddhist temple, and situated just north of the city center near the Kuramaguchi Subway Station.

The style of the rooms is Japanese: tatami mats in the newest fashion, high tables with art decorated chairs, etc., done quite elegantly.

Unlike other Chinese style Buddhist vegetarian restaurants, you can make reservations for as few as two people, not the usual minimum of four people (though you cannot go here alone).

For dinner there are three different course menus, called "take-zen," "shu-zen," and "kuro-zen." Each is available in varying sizes, priced at 9,500 yen, 12,000 yen, and 18,000 yen. (Each include consumer Tax plus 10% service charge)

For lunchtime, however, you can choose from five courses, the three already named plus Murasaki-zen, for 6,000 yen; and if you are in a group with 10 people or more, you can order a kind of special box lunch called "fucha bento." They provide menus in English.

In any case, the dinner begins with matcha (powdered green tea) and sweets. As with kaiseki-style dinners, the course menus here include such items as boiled vegetables, tempura, miso soup, rice, pickles, and fruit. In addition, we were served goma-dofu (sesame infused tofu), and vegetarian dishes that mimicked eel and chestnuts (the spines of the latter were made from fried somen noodles). Those dishes will come one by one, and may take two hours to finish eating.

The food is prepared in an ornate, decorative style, and is quite beautiful. The portions are generous; you will leave fulfilled in every respect.

If your room faces the garden, you will see cherry blossoms in spring, and colorful foliage in autumn (all complemented by discreet lighting).

The traditional sake is on offer, but here you can also order beer (even Guinness), wine, and whiskey at the restaurant space or at the hidden bar space within a temple, next to the main temple building!

Schedule your visit for a very special occasion.

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