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MEGAドン・キホーテ 新世界店 MEGA Don Quijote Shinsekai

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  • Shinsekai / Abeno Area
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Shinsekai / Abeno Area
3-4-36 Ebisuhigashi Naniwa-ku Osaka,JAPAN
  • Shop
Opening Hours
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/11/25

Looking for any place to shop after the dark? Don Quijote Store is your time saver!

  • Shopping

If you like to spend your day sightseeing rather than shopping for souvenirs, then here is your time saver. Don Quijote is a chain supermarket which has more than 100 stores located all over Japan. There is also Mega Don Quijote store in Shinsekai which is open for almost 24 hours. Most retailers and department stores close around 8pm. Therefore, if you shop after 8, there are very limited options except for convenience stores which might not fulfill your excitement for shopping. What makes Don Quijote a travelers’ friend is its opening hours. Except for some shops located in relatively small areas or outer suburbs, it is usually open until quite late at night or in the morning. In Osaka, stores in Umeda, Dotonbori, and Dotonbori-midosuji are open all day.

If you are not sure what to buy or what to look for, that is another reason why Don Quijote is a good place to start. The Store map provided at the entrance pictures where each section situates. There is also a section called “Miscellaneous daily products”, which I think means basically “everything”. There are foods and groceries, drinks and alcohol for snacking on, character goods and various toys such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Anpanman for kids, clothing and shoes in case you come across unexpected weather, Japanese Kanji T-shirt, sword-like umbrellas and other random goods for fun souvenirs as well as home furnishing, bedding, and electronic appliances. They have tax-free services as well.

Mega Don Quijote Shinsekai Store
・Opens from 9:00 am to 5:00 am.
・A minute walk from JR Shin imamiya station
・What’s in the neighborhood : Tsutenkaku-Tower, Tennoji Zoo

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