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大阪箕面市ハイキング Osaka Minoh Hiking

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Other Osaka Area
4‐6‐1, Nishishoji Mino-shi, Osaka, Japan
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Date of post:2015/10/28

Enjoy the view of beautiful nature and the taste of momiji leaves!

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Osaka, known for its vibrant atmosphere, shopping meccas and great local food, has actually more to offer including beautiful scenery. A day trip (or even half day trip would work, too) to Minoh is a great gateway to reconnect to nature and appreciate truly picturesque scenery. Minoh area is only half an hour distance from the center of Osaka and Umeda.

What to do:
Minoh is a suburban town in northern Osaka, and it is especially popular in autumn among those who cherish colorful “momiji” (Japanese maple) leaves. Leaves usually start to color around mid-November to early December. The hiking in Minoh forest takes you to Mihoh waterfalls, acknowledged as one of Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls, as the highlight of the day. From the station to the waterfall is less than a one hour walk, yet you are recommended to dress in layers in case of it gets chilly in the forest.

What to taste:
Don’t miss some local food found in stores along the street near by a station. Momiji tempura is literally deep fried momiji leaves, which should be an interesting experience for visitors. Steamed chestnut, “momiji senbei” a cracker topped with momiji leaves and other local foods are also available in the souvenir shops. Enjoy the sights and taste of momiji leaves.

How to get there:
A 30 minute train ride from Hankyu-Umeda station. (Take Hankyu-Takarazuka line, and switch to Hankyu-Minoh line at Ishibashi station)

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