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天保山マーケットプレイス Tempozan Market Place

  • Shopping center
  • Universal Studios Japan Area
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Universal Studios Japan Area
1-1-10 Kaigandori, Tempozan Marketplace, Minato-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 552-0022, Japan
  • Shopping center
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Date of post:2015/05/12

Very touristy shopping place suited for travelers

  • Shopping

Tempozan market place is a shopping center with local retail shops and restaurants. It's located between Kaiyukan aquarium and a Ferris wheel. Those who are looking to buy Japanese related souvenirs, and this is the place to go! You can buy not only Japanese goods or Osakan goods, but also find matcha green tea flavored version of famous confectioneries: Lotte's Choco pie, Fujiya's Milky candy and Country Ma'am cookies, are all in matcha flavor.

The market place even has a ninja shop which sells many kinds of items such as swords and shurikens. They also include more traditional cutely decorated crafts such as tenugui, cotton towels and sushi shaped magnets.

We didn't have time to drop by, but they newly opened LEGO Discovery Center in April, so it would be fun to visit with kids. (Actually, their webpage said they don't accept groups of adult. So we need to go there with kids.)

On the second floor, we found a retro styled area with a lot of food stalls. The place is called "Naniwa kuishinbo yokocho", which means “Naniwa foodies street”. Apparently, it's an Osaka 60's themed food area specializing in Osaka street foods such as takoyaki, fried chicken and okonomiyaki. We enjoyed walking around vibrant atmosphere. I tried the Ikayaki which is a squid wrapped with a fried omelet. Although it was a little bit pricey for the size (the size of a small burrito), it was flavorful and I enjoyed the sauce. My friend tried "rice curry" which was the curry flavored rice. What I found it interesting was they put a raw egg on the top of the rice, and it's supposed to be eaten altogether. The place was called "Jiyuken".

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