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造幣局 Japan Mint

  • Osaka Castle Area
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  • ClosedSaturday,Sunday, Public Holidays,cherry‐blossom season

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Osaka Castle Area
1-1-79 Temma, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0043, Japan
Opening Hours
Saturday,Sunday, Public Holidays,cherry‐blossom season
Date of post:2015/04/23

You can see a variety of coins such as the oldest coins or the process of coinage

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences

Do you know where the coins are manufactured?
It is Japan Mint located near Osaka Castle at Tenma in Osaka. Established in 1871 the facility took the lead in modernization of the nation.

Japan is now famous for its advanced technique in precision such as watches, car parts, or precision instruments. The success owes much to the mint industry. Now coinage is one of the main industries for Japan. The mint provides a free tour showing how coins are made and what kinds of coins are produced. You need to book it by phone call at least 10 days before or reservation can be made 2 months in advance.

Mint Tour is fascinating! There are Tokyo Olympics medals, people’s honor award plaque, the oldest Japanese coins named fuhonnsen, the largest coins in the world made by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and various types of world coins.

The facility is also famous for cherry blossom viewing spot where anyone can enjoy strolling and appreciating various kinds of sakura during April 9th to 15th this year.

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