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中之島公園 Nakanoshima Park

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  • Osaka Castle Area
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Osaka Castle Area
1 Nakanoshima , Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0005, Japan
  • Squares / Parks
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Date of post:2015/10/28

Are you an artist who loves nature, water, flowers or green spaces? Or just love walking? Nakanoshima Park is a perfect spot for you!

  • Walking

Nakanoshima Park is located in the Nakanoshima Island sandwiched by the Dojimagawa and Tosaborigawa rivers. The Park was established as the first public park of Osaka in 1891 and has been providing Osaka citizens best place to relax, enjoy walking, have coffee or beer. In addition, there are many interesting spots worth visiting.

First, the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, which boasts an exhibitions of more than 300 pieces of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics. The facility started with a collection of the world famous “Ataka” collection. Inside the museum, you are certainly embraced in a cozy atmosphere, as it uses the natural sun light. The exhibits use rotating turntable platforms and you can appreciate even the backside of some pieces.

Second, Osaka Central Public Hall (Nakanoshima Kokaido) is another beautiful landmark of Osaka. The hall was built in 1919 by the famous stockholder Einosuke IWAMOTO whose contribution to Osaka economy is one of the famous legendary stories. The building’s dark red colored bricks and a bronze dome roof is sure to catch your eyes. The hall has been used for lectures, concerts, conferences and many other purposes for Osaka citizens.

In autumn and spring, the rose garden is a must to visit. In the garden, there are around 3700 bushes of roses of various kinds from all over the world.

Why not come and refresh your body and mind here in Nakanoshima Park?
It is located at Yodoyabashi or Kitahama subway station.

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