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大阪くらしの今昔館 The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

  • Museums
  • Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
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  • Price RangeAdult 600 (JPY)
    "High School/University Student 300 (JPY)
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Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
Housing Information Center 8th Floor, 6-4-20 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0041, Japan
  • Museums
Opening Hours
10:00-17:00(Last admission 16:30)
See website for details
Price Range
Adult 600 (JPY)
"High School/University Student 300 (JPY)
Date of post:2015/05/12

Interactive Museum conveniently located beside the station

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences

The museum introduces Osaka housing history and its lifestyles from Edo to the post war period. The museum has three floors from the 8th to 10th floor in the Osaka Municipal Housing Information Center.

You will feel like you time traveled into the 1830’s going through reproduced Osaka town streets. They change the lightening to reflect the time of a day. The main street is full of shops run by merchants and small streets behind them have the living areas of Osaka citizens.

I visited there in May, so it was in the "summer festival" style. Each shop facing the main street displays festival decorations called "tsukurimono" to celebrate Tenjin Festival, the major summer festival in Osaka. Merchants apparently tried hard to make “tsukurimono” to surprise people. For instance, they made a lion statue which has drawers as a face, two mirrors instead of eyes, and a “futon blanket” (a traditional Japanese blanket) for the body. It’s fun to have a look at their “tsukurimono” and try to guess what they were made of.

On the 8th floor, there are dioramas to show the history and transformation of the village to the post war city in Osaka. If you have got your smartphone, use QR codes to get some English explanation for each diorama.

You can rent yukata (traditional Japanese casual summer garment) and wander around the streets. Nice experience to take pictures!

・Backpacks have to be left in the returnable coin locker before you enter the museum.
・Multilingual pamphlets and English speaking staff available.

Date of post:2015/04/23

Time travel to the 19th century’s Osaka! This Museum will introduce you real life in Osaka in the 19th century

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences
  • Special Recommendations

An easy and fun way to learn how old Osaka citizens had their lives is to visit the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living located at Tenjinbashisuji 6 chome on subway. It’s one minutes’ walk from the station.

On the 9th floor you will see and feel the recreated town houses in the end of the Edo period around 1830s. The town named Osakamachi 3-chome includes many real life sized town houses which were reproduced by specialists such as researchers at Osaka City University and shrine carpenters. Dropping by each store you will find old furniture or many interesting exhibitions in the rooms and fake dogs, cats or cicadas or sparrows outside.

The virtual reality method makes you feel like going from morning to sunset during a mid-summer day in 25 minutes.

On the 8th floor you will see the modernization and how the lifestyle changed from 1868 to 1950 in Osaka by following wonderful gadgets.

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