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大阪ステーションシティ Osaka Station City

  • Architectures
  • Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
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Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
3-3-1 Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0001, Japan
  • Architectures
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Date of post:2015/12/15

Do not miss jewel spots at Osaka Station City! The facility is not just a station but full of cozy and exciting attractions. Shopping or eating?

  • Shopping

JR Osaka station, one of the big terminals in Japan, was renovated into a new complex as Osaka Station City in 2011. The area which is also called “Umeda” was developed as a hub for the Kansai area and attracts many visitors.
It consists of two tall buildings: the North Gate Building and the South Gate Building. At 134 square kilometers, it’s the biggest shopping complex in West Japan and the second biggest in Japan.

Between the two buildings there is a huge sloping roof. The roof is attached to the North Gate Building, but due to its seismic proof design, it does not actually connect to the South Gate Building.
There are eight different themed public squares. A variety of eco-friendly modern technologies are used in the complex and relaxing time and space are given in the squares.

Are you able to relax at terminal without caring about the time? You can do it here since each different square has a different clock type. If you have some time I recommend for you to walk around and look for each of the clocks. It may be interesting but do not forget to take your train!

● “Toki no hiroba” plaza has a gorgeous gold and silver clock and a café. You can look down trains coming in and out of Osaka Station. There are solar panels installed on the platform roof. There you can see the big sloping roof which is 13-43 meters high.
Rain is collected in the big sloping roof. The water is then used for the flushing toilets in this station.
Through this, they are able to save several hundred tons of water per day.
The square was designed by the famous industrial designer, Eiji MITOOKA, who made the design of “Sakura”, Kyushu bullet train.
● “Yawaragi no hiroba” plaza, on the tenth floor, was also designed by E.MITOOKA, has a beautiful Japanese garden with maple, sakura, pine, and other trees. You can have a wide view of Osaka city.
Can you find a small stone clock in the garden?
● “Kaze no hiroba” plaza, (wind plaza) on the eleventh floor has a flower clock on the rose pillar.
● “Tenku no hiroba” on the 14h floor has a lovely farm garden accessed by the long steps with green wall frames. Correct time is shown on a sundial.
● “Taiyo no hiroba” (sun plaza) on the 15th, 16th and 17th floor, has gold colored clock.
● “Carillon no hiroba” plaza has a carillon bell ringing to people who are walking on the pedestrian bridges.
● “Atrium no hiroba” plaza has a large 152 inch screen topped with light clock.
● “South gate hiroba” plaza is outside the South Gate Building that has amusing water clock.

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