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あべのハルカス Abeno Harukas

  • Architectures
  • Shinsekai / Abeno Area
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Shinsekai / Abeno Area
1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 545-8545, Japan
  • Architectures
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Date of post:2015/04/23

It’s been popular for its 300 meter-high observatory where you are immersed in the breeze!

  • Views

Japan’s highest building named “Abeno Harukas” opened at Abeno in Osaka in March 2014. The skyscraper is 300m high and has 62 floors.

Mainly consisting of three parts, Kintetsu Abeno Station (B2-1F), Kintetsu Department Store (B2-14F), and Marriott Miyako Hotel (19F,20F,38-55F,57F). Abeno Harukas Art Museum on the 16th floor exhibits Important Cultural Properties such as Buddhist statues or national treasures. Other floors are for offices.

Harukas 300, observatory is on the 58th to 60th floor. On the 60th floor you can have a wide view of Osaka city through the glass wall of the indoor corridor. You can see 100 aged Tsutenkaku Tower, Tennoji zoo, Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Osaka City University Hospital, Shitennoji (a temple) and Osaka castle. If you are not acrophobic, why not give a try standing on the transparent floor and take a photo? You will feel like you are floating in the air.

When you feel tired, why not have a break at Sky Garden or outdoor square on the 58th floor where you are immersed in the breeze 300 meters high?

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