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道頓堀 Dotonbori

  • Other Walks / City Walking
  • Minami (Shinsaibashi / Nanba) Area
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Minami (Shinsaibashi / Nanba) Area
Dotombori, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0071, Japan
  • Other Walks / City Walking
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Date of post:2015/05/12

Must see the area of the pride of Osakan culture

  • City Walking

Dotonbori is a large shopping street located in the heart of Osaka. It can be accessed by only a few minutes’ walk from Namba subway station. The street is crowded with tax free souvenir shops and restaurants, showing off the pride of Osaka culture. Thus, it has become a major tourist destinations but for both domestic and international travelers.

When first arriving at the Dotonbori street, you will be overwhelmed by the large crowds. However, there are the several famous landmarks, which are the Glico neon signboard, and “Ebisubashi” (a bridge). (Glico is confectionary company, and it’s headquarter is in Osaka.) The Ebisubashi is the major photo spot for tourists to pose with the Glico signboard. The bridge also attracts many young people who like to enjoy Osaka's night life, you will often see a lot of “hosts” (male entertainers) who would like to hang out and flirt with young girls. This gives the bridge its nickname, "Hikkake bashi", which means "hook up bridge".

Walking down the Dotonbori, you will find many restaurants offering Osaka local food such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ramen and local seafood specialties. Some of the famous restaurants are Kanidoraku crab shop which offers super fresh crab and Osaka Konamon Museum which sells Osaka's famous fried octopus balls. This is not the name of a museum but the name of the restaurant itself. You'll see a huge octopus figure at the entrance. Although there are dozens of takoyaki shops, I like takoyaki from there because the batter is moist and soft, and they are very generous with the sizes of the octopus, giving you a memorable taste and experience.

From Umeda / JR station
About 10 minutes by Osaka city subway from Umeda to Namba.
You can take off at Shinsaibashi station, which is one stop ahead, instead of Namba, and walk down the street to Namba too.

Date of post:2015/04/23

Dotonbori is a symbol of Minami and the center of entertainment in Osaka!

  • City Walking

“Minami” (“south” in Japanese) is an entertainment area around Namba and Shinsaibashi Stations.
Dotonbori is a symbol of Minami and a symbol of Kuidaore (“eat till you drop in Japanese”).
Dotonbori is a street along Dotonbori canal, about 3km.

The name “Doton” comes from Yasui DOTON who contributed to the construction of the canal in the early 17th century.

In 1653, the five theaters called “Naniwaza”, “Nakaza”, “Kadoza”, “Asahiza”, “Bentenza” now known as “Bunrakuza”, were officially approved and prospered with a variety of performances like Kabuki, or puppet theater show. Over the years, it lost popularity and five theaters were burned down during the WWⅡ. Now some of them were turned into movie theaters. Sometimes Kabuki plays are performed at Osaka Shochikuza.

One of the famous tourist spots is Glico man, the giant neon athlete, who sometimes changes his clothes according to the events. Another is the “Kuidaore Taro”, mechanical drum playing clown working in front of the former Kuidaore restaurant. The most attractive thing is to see the big advertisement figure, such as the big crab with mechanically moving arms and eyeballs. The gadget was soon imitated and many giant creatures emerged on the restaurant’s billboards.

Recently the riverside has been renovated and water in the river has been cleaned up, so why not enjoy walking and relaxing along the river tonight?

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