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LiLo Coffee Roasters LiLo Coffee Roasters

  • Cafe
  • Minami (Shinsaibashi / Nanba) Area
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  • Price Rangelunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
  • ClosedOpen every day

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Minami (Shinsaibashi / Nanba) Area
1-10-28 Nishishinsaibashi, Shinsaibashi building 1st Floor, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0086, Japan
  • Cafe
Opening Hours
11:00-23:00, [Wed]13:00-23:00
Open every day
Price Range
lunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
Date of post:2016/10/21

Organic coffee in Shinsaibashi Osaka

Keeping own eating habits can be challenging when we travel abroad. Organic coffee is one of them. For me, it’s one of the daily essentials, as opposed to once in a while delicacy, so it’s important. I know many of you organic lovers agree with me, yes?

So, let me introduce where you can get organic coffee in the popular tourists area in Osaka. It’s “Lilo Coffee Roasters”. They are NOT an “All Organic Coffee Shop”, but they carry good organic coffees in their wide variety choices. Thus, this place is worth of introducing to my organic lover friends from the world.

Their “East Timol” is organic. They also have a good organic decaf coffee that is hard to find in Japan. Their staff speaks English, so you can ask which one is organic of the day. What’s also remarkable is that they have Kombucha that is not widely known in Japan yet. Plus, they carry homemade cookies and apple juice for babies, and cold beer and hotdogs for dads. So, you can easily convince your family to go there as they carry something for everyone.

I asked the staff if I should order coffee or latte. I’d usually order latte but their coffee selections looked so good that I felt like I should order coffee. He was very informative and I got convinced that their latte is as good as their coffee, so I ordered a cup of latte. Out of their two latte choices, Premium 550JPY and Blend 450JPY, I asked him which one is the dark roast with higher aroma without sour after taste. He said the Premium has higher aroma similar to blueberries.

My latte, to my surprise, indeed had clear aroma similar to blueberries and it was just perfect. The coffee was from “Alfred Diaz Coffee Farm” in the Dominican Republic and renown for its winey flavor; the staff explained to me. I also asked him why their milk is so good, and he told me he tried 30 different kinds of milk himself and chose the one that best suits their coffee. It turned out that they roast their beans on the same building and bring them down to the shop. No wonder why it’s so good! It’s freshly roasted on the premise and hand dripped carefully by the attentive and knowledgeable staff who knows exactly what they are doing.

I noticed two tall gorgeous dripping machines by the counter. He said those are for the cold dripped coffee. Everyday, they spend eight hours, of course over night, and make cold drip coffee for their ice coffee. We all know that fast foods are cheap and fast, but not good for our health. This place is a total opposite. Slow brewing coffee taste the best, and it’s good for our health.

The location is very accessible. The nearest station is Shinsaibashi Station on Midousuji line, Osaka Subway. When you arrive to the station by train, take the ticket gate close to the Exit 2 toward Crysta Nagahori. Make right as you exit the gate and make another right to go down the underground hallway all the way to the end. At the end, make left and go up the stairs of South-Exit 16. When you go up to the ground, go straight and make left on the first alley. You go straight for two blocks and you will find this Lilo Coffee Roasters on your left side. It’s just 5-6 minutes from the ticket gate.

I will definitely stop by there again for such a great cup of coffee and hospitality. Hope this article be a help to your organic coffee quest.

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