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大杉製麺 Osugi Seimen

  • Ramen (Chinese Noodles) Maze Soba
  • Other Osaka Area
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  • Price Rangelunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
  • ClosedSunday

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Other Osaka Area
3-12-15 Nishinakajima, Shin Osaka Ryoma Building Basement 1st Floor, Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 532-0011, Japan
  • Ramen (Chinese Noodles)
  • Maze Soba
Opening Hours
11:00-15:00、18:00-23:00(Limited Quantity)
Price Range
lunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
Date of post:2016/10/24

Ultra Thick Chicken Squared

Osugi Seimen opened up at the beginning of 2015 just north of the Yodogawa river in Nishinakajima. Although the chef studied at Mitsuboshi Seimenjo, a seafood shoyu ramen shop, Osugi Seimen has a completely different theme. It is chicken, and lots of it.

The standard ramen at this shop is the tori tori noko ramen, or chicken chicken thick ramen. It’s a thick sauce of ramen cooked for hours with chicken and a variety of vegetables. For those who can’t handle a double dose of rich chicken broth, they also offer tori sakana wafu ramen, or chicken fish Japanese-style ramen. To make this they take their original chicken broth, and cut it with a simpler seafood soup. Both go for ¥750, and are the first two options on the menu.

The tori tori’s broth is a thick chicken paste, rich with umami, and a slight smokiness that packs a punch. The noodles are made for this kind of bowl: they are thick and curly, and require some force to be pulled out of the swamp that is the soup. With them, though, comes, green and red onions and fried garlic chips, which add an edge to the bowl to keep it fresh. The chashu, too, is great on its own, but its succulent texture combined with the broth make it heavenly.

Osugi Seimen is a little out of the way, but if you find yourself near the Yodogawa river, it won’t be hard to get in. They have a few counter seats and a table. In the fall of 2015 a second shop was opened up in Honmachi, which has the same menu and is a bit more accessible if you’re coming from the center of the city.

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