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お好み焼 きじ(梅田スカイビル店) Okonomiyaki Kiji Umeda Sky Building

  • Okonomiyaki Yakisoba
  • Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
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  • Price Rangelunch1,000~2,000JPY、dinner1,000~2,000JPY
  • ClosedThursday

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Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
1-1-90, Oyodonaka, Umeda Sky Building 1st Basement Floor, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 531-0076, Japan
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Yakisoba
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Date of post:2016/10/24

Enjoy this popular, delicious hot food of Osaka in an atmosphere of Japan’s old good days!

Okonomi-yaki is a famous Japanese casual dining experience especially popular in Osaka. It is a Japanese style pancake made from batter with chopped cabbage and various kinds of ingredients such as meat, seafood and eggs. While it is often cooked at home, there are many special restaurants that serve this unique dish, too.

Kiji is one of the famous Okonomiyaki restaurants in Osaka. When you enter the premises through the restaurant’s front-entrance curtain, the polite chef and staff will warmly welcome you. The inside is rather small. It has four seats at the bar and four tables, each equipped with a hotplate. The okonomi-yaki is served on the hotplate, so the food stays hot while you eat.

The chef's recommendations are “豚玉(Buta-tama) / pork and egg,” “もだん焼(modern-yaki) / noodles ” and “すじ焼(Suji-yaki) / beef gristle and green onion.” The prices are ¥680, ¥830 and ¥870, respectively. All of them are very tasty! The batter with chopped cabbage is hot, fluffy and really melts in the mouth. Each ingredient goes well with the batter and sauce. I expect that if you are accompanied by children, they will also like it. The chef and staff are very welcoming and friendly to children too.

On weekends many visitors wait in line outside Kiji before the 11:30am opening time. It is especially busy around midday. If you don’t like to wait, I would recommend you to visit there outside of lunch and dinner time.

Kiji is located in a restaurant district called “Takimi-Koji,” where a streetscape of early 20th-century Japan has been recreated. You will be able to feel the atmosphere of Japan’s old good days when you enjoy Okonomi-yaki there.

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