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ザ シティベーカリー ベーカリー&カフェ The City Bakery

  • Cafe Bakery
  • Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
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  • Price Rangelunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
  • ClosedIrregularly(Ask in facilities for details)

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Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
4-1 Ofukacho, Grand Front Osaka Umekita Square 1st Basement Floor, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0011, Japan
  • Cafe
  • Bakery
Opening Hours
Irregularly(Ask in facilities for details)
Price Range
lunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
Date of post:2016/10/27

How about fresh delicious bread in downtown Osaka?

THE CITY BAKERY has been a favorite destination of hungry New Yorkers for over 20 years. The first CITY BAKERY opened in Japan in 2013, and now you can find a branch in Umeda, downtown Osaka. Directly connected to JR Osaka Station, the bakery is proving popular with local people, shoppers and tourists alike.

THE CITY BAKERY includes a cafe though sometimes when I go there it’s too crowded to find a seat. In that case, I simply buy some of its delicious treats to eat at home.

Besides bread, the shop also sells many other things including cookies, muffins and cakes. The most popular one is “pretzel croissant.” As its name suggests, it’s salty like a pretzel. It’s also crisp on the outside, but, unlike pretzels, soft and slightly sweet inside. It has a rich taste with butter and is really nice. The CITY BAKERY’s croissants are larger than regular-sized ones sold at most bakeries in Japan. The price is ¥320. “Whole-wheat croissant,” which costs ¥270, is also popular.

If you would like to sit and eat in the café, I would recommend you to visit before 9:00 o’clock. The number of visitors increases gradually after it opens at 7:30, and the shop is crowded especially between 9:00-11:00. It’s OK to claim space before ordering food by putting your belongings on a seat. The breakfast specials here are great! The popular morning dish, “C.B. Morning Plate” with Whole-wheat croissant, is ¥1,100. It includes bacon and egg, salad, and coffee or tea.

Soon after midday, the café becomes busy again. Since this place is in the center of Osaka, many office workers visit for lunch. I hope you enjoy its tasty offerings and the everyday scenery of downtown in Japan.

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