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一風堂(梅田店) Ippudo Umeda

  • Ramen (Chinese Noodles) Maze Soba
  • Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
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  • Price Rangelunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
  • ClosedOpen every day

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Kita (Osaka Station / Umeda) Area
6-7 Kakuda-cho, Kakudacho Building 1st Floor, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0017, Japan
  • Ramen (Chinese Noodles)
  • Maze Soba
Opening Hours
[Mon-Thu, Sun, Public Holidays]11:00-27:00, [Fri, Sat, The Day Before Public Holiday]11:00-28:00
Open every day
Price Range
lunch Average price 1,000JPY、dinner Average price 1,000JPY
Date of post:2016/10/31

The most popular Hakata Ramen in Umeda Osaka

Even if you are from outside of Japan, I believe many of you have heard of or had Ippudo Ramen before. They are one of the most famous Ramen chains in the world with a number of branch-restaurants in various countries. If you come to Umeda, Osaka on your trip to Japan, I recommend trying this world famous Ramen.

There is usually a long line in front of Ippudo, so I avoided busy time and visited at 4pm on Monday. It was in the middle of Sakura season, but luckily there was no line. So, I recommend going there between the lunch and dinnertime, if you have a choice.

I saw various kinds of customers in there. One young lady in a business suit entered the restaurant behind me. A foreign family with suitcases, a young couple, and high school boys in their uniforms were at the tables. Japanese businessmen in suits and a group of young girls were at the counter seats.

They have 11 seats at the counter, two 8 seats tables, one 4 seats tables in the dining area. Also, there is a 12 seat-table in the separated back dining area and some people stored their suitcases there. The restaurant layout is spacious enough for the tourists to stroll their suitcases, so no worries if you have a big luggage.

There two signature Ramen: The Original in White Bowl and The Revolutionized in Red Bowl. The White Bowl is the typical Hakata style Ramen with Tonkotsu (pig bones) base soup and thin noodles. The red bowl is based on the same, but added special flavored oil and some Miso for richer taste.

I ordered a White Bowl with Kata (hard) Noodles 790JPY, added two slices of pork 150JPY and a half-boiled egg 100JPY. Their pork slices are very flavorful and good. They provide three kinds of vegetable toppings on the side: Takana pickles, Chili Sprouts, and Pickled Pink Ginger. First, I tried the Ramen as it is. Then, I tried the three different toppings and found out I liked it with the chili sprouts because of the crisp texture. Then, in the later half of the bowl, I tried putting some pickled pink ginger to refresh the taste. The amount of the noodle can be a little too small for men, so I recommend Kaedama (later added noodles) or Kodama (later added half noodles).

Here is the direction. Either arriving Hankyu Umeda Station or JR Osaka Station, go to Hankyu East Intersection. Then you see the big buildings on the both side of the street. Go up the big street to the second traffic light, and you will find Ippudo on your left. It’s about 5 minutes by walk. Enjoy!

This is a restaurant chain that has 11 restaurants in Osaka and 99 restaurants in Japan.

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