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明石海峡大橋ブリッジワールド Bridge World for Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

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Around Kobe
Tarumi-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 655-0047, Japan
  • Architectures
Opening Hours
Twice a day [1st 9:30-12:10]; [2nd 13:30-16:10] (Reception 15minutes before)
Date of post:2015/06/19

Stunning View from the Top of the Tower @Bridge World Tour

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Akashi Kaikyo bridge is 3,911m long and links the mainland to Awaji Island. The construction started in 1988 and was completed in 1998.

It has the Guinness World Record by its length (1,991m) between the two main towers, and tower height (approximately 300m from the sea level).

If you are not scared of heights, I recommend you join this “Bridge World” tour which gives you a totally mind blowing experience. In the tour, the participants can fully “experience” the bridge, by going up to the top of one of these main towers.

First, the participants of the tour will receive instructions, and then they drop by the "Akashi-Kaikyo bridge exhibition center" to learn how the bridge was constructed. Finally, the groups arrive at the bridge, and they walk on the bridge path (50m above the sea) to the main tower.

You would be totally blown away by the panoramic and magnificent views from the top of the tower.
You are allowed to take pictures with your smartphone but it has to be attached to you because it is very windy and the risks for things to fall off is quite high.

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