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舞子海上プロムナード (明石海峡大橋) Maiko Marine Promenade (Akashi Kaikyo Bridge)

  • Architectures
  • Around Kobe
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  • ClosedSecond Monday of each Month (Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Tuesday instead), 29-31 December

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Around Kobe
2051 Higashimaikocho, Tarumi-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 655-0047, Japan
  • Architectures
Opening Hours
9:30-18:00 (Golden week and Summer holiday) 9:30-19:00
Second Monday of each Month (Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Tuesday instead), 29-31 December
Date of post:2015/06/19

A nice walk on the longest cable suspension bridge in the world

  • Walking

Akashi Kaikyo bridge is the longest cable suspension bridge in the world.
Maiko Marine Promenade is the tourist attraction where you can walk through the tube shaped path on the Akashi Kaikyo bridge. For those who are scared of heights, don't worry about it! The path is covered with wire net, so you won't fall. You can enjoy not only the panoramic and beautiful ocean view but also the lovely sea breeze.

If you do not join the “Bridge World Tour” (see other review page), Maiko Marine promenade will be a good alternate activity. I also recommend you visit Akashi-Kaikyo bridge exhibition center. They display how the bridge was constructed by the diorama and panels. (Apparently, when the main tower was constructed, it had to be super-accurate, so even a thin gap wasn’t allowed between each joint.) The bridge was completed without any major accidents or casualties.

There is a café besides the Marine Promenade, which faces the seaside. You can enjoy tea, coffee and ice cream there. There is a souvenir shop in the café, where they sell confectioneries and local octopus food.

The admission fee is ¥250 (JPY) (weekdays) to ¥310 (JPY) (weekends) per adult, ¥120 (JPY) (weekdays) to ¥150 (JPY) (weekends) per high school student. The admission fee varies according to the age. It is open from 9:30-18:00.

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