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神戸市役所24階展望ロビー Kobe City Hall (Observation Deck)

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Around Kobe
6-5-1 Kanocho, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-8570, Japan
Opening Hours
[Weekdays] 8:15-22:00, [Saturday, Sunday and National holiday] 10:00-22:00
New Year Holidays
Date of post:2015/06/18

Extraordinary view of Kobe's harbor, city and mountains

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Kobe is famous for its night view in harbor area. You can enjoy night views from many places such as the Rokko or Maya mountain observatories, Kobe harbor area and so on. However, if you are a day hopper and are short on time, I recommend the observation deck in the middle of Sannomiya town.

Kobe City Hall (Building 1) opens its 24th floor as an observation deck for visitors. No entrance fee needed.

It is a 10 minute walk from the west exit of JR Sannomiya station. (If you take the Hankyu line, take the east exit.) From the exit, go straight along the Flower Road main street to the south, you will find the tall building on your right hand side.

The mountain side offers you magnificent view of mountains along the town of Kobe, and the seaside presents the beautiful view of the port of Kobe. You will have a look at cruise ships at the Kobe Port Terminal, too.

They are open until 10 pm, so you will be able to visit there after dinner as the last minute activity before heading back to the hotel.

Date of post:2015/06/18

Wonderful night view of Kobe from 100 meters high

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Kobe Municipal Hall Lobby” is located on the 24th floor of the Kobe Municipal Hall building itself.

This panoramic view from this lobby is largely split into two views; a north side view of the Sannomiya area with the Rokko mountain range behind and the view of to the south, which covers the Kobe port area including Kobe Port Tower, the airport in the distance, and the Port Island and Rokko Island views.

This lobby stays open until quite late at night, and the city lights are fantastic to watch with very little crowds.

The north side view in the night is particularly beautiful, thanks to the three beautiful illumination landmarks installed on Mt. Shisho, Mt. Ikari and Mt. Dotoku in the Rokko mountain range. They are called "Kobe emblem", "Anchor" and "Merchant ship" respectively and begin to shine just before sunset. The wind and solar power is used to create this illumination, a fact which made them shine also after the Great Hanshin Earthquake when other power sources got cut off. The landmarks are therefore considered as a light of hope.

There is a café, “UCC Cafe Comfort”, on the west, and a Korean restaurant, “Kudara Kobe”, on the east. The visitors can have a meal with the panoramic views of the city from a height of over 100 meters there.

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