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書寫山圓教寺 Shoshazan Engyoji Temple

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Around Himeji
2968 Shosha, Himeji-shi, Hyogo 671-2201, Japan
  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
Opening Hours
8:30-17:00 (Operating hours vary depending on the season)
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Date of post:2015/06/18

Visit an ancient temple hidden in the mountains

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Engyoji temple is located 371 meters above sea level on top of Mt. Shosha in the northwestern area of Himeji city. It was founded in 966 by Shoku, a holy Buddhist priest and, the temple is noted as a pilgrimage site. This temple has a long, ancient history, and the present chief priest is the 140th generation.

Engyoji temple is known as the 27th temple of Saigoku Holy Grounds situated on the top of the mountain. It is called “Mt. Hiei (Kyoto prefecture) in the west”. It is said that the one of three biggest training halls of Tendai sect in Buddhism as well as Mt. Hiei and Mt. Daisen (Tottori prefecture). Many emperors came to visit this temple in ancient times although this place was very far from Kyoto where they lived.

Most buildings and statues are designated as important cultural properties of Japan. For example, “Maiden Hall”, constructed on pillars on a steep slope, “Daikodo (lecture hall)”, “Jikido (lodging and dining hall, now exhibiting temple treasures)” and “Maniden Temple (Nyoi Rindo Hall)”are especially popular.

If you visit this magnificent place, you can understand why Hollywood selected here as a filming location for the movie, ‘The Last Samurai’ starring Tom Cruise. Even now, this temple is frequently used as a filming location for movies and historical dramas.

The mountain top can be reached by rope way in only around four minutes.

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