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神戸ポートタワー Kobe Port Tower

  • Around Kobe
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Around Kobe
5-5 Hatobacho, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0042, Japan
Opening Hours
[March-November] 9:00-21:00 (last admission 20:30), [December-February] 9:00-19:00 (last admission 18:30)
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/06/18

Romantic date night at Kobe Port Tower

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Kobe Port Tower is an hour-glass shape steel tower. It was built in 1963. Due to its hour glass shape, it was not that much damaged by the Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake in 1995. It is located in the water front of the port of Kobe. Their observatory is opened from 9:00-21:00 from March to November, and from 9:00 to 19:00 from December to February. At night, it is lit up with 7000 LED lights.

Do you know why Port Tower is red? It was supposed to be built in metal silver color in the beginning, but it turned out they couldn’t because of aerial laws. Besides, it would have been blurry on cloudy weather. So they chose red with that the green color of mountains, blue color of the sea and the sky, and the white fish net architecture of the Kobe Maritime Museum altogether contribute to the Kobe's iconic harbor view.

Port Tower is located in the port area which has several tourist spots such as the Kobe Maritime Museum and Kawasaki Good Times World (the building of white sailing vessel architecture), and Mosaic shopping malls and restaurants. Although it is likely to be crowded on weekends, you won’t need to wait in line. Why don’t you drop by and go up the tower, enjoy the wonderful view of the harbor?

There is a public restroom on the first floor of the tower. Meriken shokudo restaurant is on the second floor.

Fun Fact
The Port Tower was constructed to the same height as the original Godzilla(108m).

Photo spot
Want to take a picture with Kobe Port Tower? Try it from the west side of the tower (there are three piers along the yellow brick street)

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