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姫路城 Himeji Castle

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Around Himeji
68 Hommachi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo 670-0012, Japan
  • Palace / Castles
Opening Hours
[Summer season] 9:00-17:00 (Reception closing 18:00), [Winter season] 9:00-16:00 (Reception closing 17:00)
Year-End and New Year Holidays
Date of post:2015/06/18

Beautiful white castle with great history and culture

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The Himeji castle, also known as “Hakuro castle”, as its elegant white appearance is located in the heart of the Himeji town. The castle was originally built around the beginning of the 17th century, and it went through and survived several wars in the history. It is said that it was covered with a black net at night to hide it from enemies during World War II. It was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1993. It had been restored since 2009 and reopened in 2015.

Taking notice to the walls and roofs would take you on a time travel through the history and events that the Himeji castle has witnessed. You would be surprised by how many various shaped stones were precisely built up on the wall.

The color of the stone is yellowish, but some of them have partially turned to black because of the rain. The owner of the castle has changed through the history; as many as 31 rulers from 6 houses, which you can tell from kamon, a family crest placed on the gate and roof of the castle.

If you walk around the whole site, it would take at least three to four hours. Besides it’s likely to be crowded close to the afternoon, so starting your tour early is preferred. (The Himeji castle opens at 9:00) Also, you would need to take a lot of steep stairs to go up to the Castle-Keep, dress in comfy and easy-to move clothes; you also need to take off your shoes when you enter the Castle.

What’s around the neighborhood of the Himeji Ccstle?
If you are looking for somewhere to have a break, try Jidai cafe, where the ninja waiters will greet you. In addition to typical café menu items such as tea and dango (Japanese sweets made from rice flower), why don’t you treat yourself with the ninja parfait, one of their specialties? Jidai cafe is located on the main street, and it takes about a 10 minute walk from the Castle.
Jidai cafe:

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