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有楽苑 Urakuen

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6, Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi, 484-0081, Japan
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[March-14 July and September-November] 9:00-17:00; [15 July-August] 9:00-18:00; [December-February] 9:00-16:00
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Date of post:2015/07/23

Quiet and Calm Japanese Garden with Tea Ceremony Houses

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences

Urakuen is a Japanese garden with a national treasure called the tea ceremony house “Joan”. You can get there in about a 6 minutes’ walk from the Inuyama castle.

Joan was built by Uraku ODA, who was a general and a great master of the tea ceremony. Uraku ODA was also the younger brother of a famous shogun (a military dictator), Nobunaga ODA. The tea ceremony house Joan is known as one of the best tea ceremony houses in history.

The Joan is a simple wooden house and it is very small. The main room to serve tea for the guests just has three and a quarter tatami mats area. Its appearance and the interior are very simple so that the guests can experience the elegant simplicity and feel the ideal hospitality.

The garden has three other tea ceremony houses and you can look inside of them from the outside.

Experience and enjoy matcha at Shodenin Shoin, one of the tea houses. You can drink tea and have a Japanese confectionery at the porch. While having tea, gaze at the quiet and calm garden, and feel the Japanese value of simplicity and rustic elegance. Try to have tea using the traditional Japanese manners too. One manner you can quickly imitate is to hold the tea bowl up and take a glance on its front face first, and then rotate it a little bit so that you won’t drink from the bowl’s front face. This is to take good care and not to stain the precious bowl. Every tea bowl has some meanings and is selected to fit the season. You may ask the staff for further right manners.

*Brochures in English, Chinese, and Korean are available.
*Taking pictures inside the Joan is prohibited.

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