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ヤマザキマザック美術館 Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art

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  • Around Nagoya
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  • ClosedMonday (Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Tuesday instead), Year-End and New Year Holidays, Irregularly

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Around Nagoya
1-19-30, Aoi, Higashi-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 461-0004, Japan
  • Art museums / Galleries
Opening Hours
[Mon-Fri] 10:00-17:30; [Sat-Sun and Holiday] 10:00-17:00. (Last admission 30 minutes before closing)
Monday (Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Tuesday instead), Year-End and New Year Holidays, Irregularly
Date of post:2015/07/23

Visit the Top-level Collection of French Paintings and Artworks

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This museum is in a convenient place, directly connected to the Shinsakae-machi station, one station away from Sakae. It exhibits the collection of Teruyuki Yamazaki, the former president of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation. Yamazaki Mazak is a world-leading company in the tool machine field. Mr. Yamazaki collected good art works during his many business trips overseas. As a private collection, the quality of the museum is at top level in Japan. The main exhibits are the rococo art of Jean-Antoine Watteau, François Boucher and Jean-Honore Fragonard, and Art Nouveau glassworks by Emile Galle. The open exhibition rooms are designed for the visitors so they can feel the graceful atmosphere of the French court.

Since the works of rococo were mostly destroyed in the French Revolution and most Japanese aren’t really familiar with them, the museum is usually not crowded. You can enjoy looking at the paintings as much as you want. If you love and appreciate French art, you shouldn’t miss coming here.

The exhibition is spread out across two floors. On the 4th floor, there are remarkable pieces by Emile Galle and Art Nouveau furniture displayed. On the 5th floor, you’ll go through the rooms of rococo, romanticism, impressionism and the Ecole de Paris. The paintings aren’t covered with glass, so you can enjoy the colors and brushwork in the same way as the painters did. Watteau’s ‘Pleasure of Summer’ can be looked through the magnifier. You can hardly see Watteau’s works in any other place in Japan. A huge painting of Boucher, ‘Aurora and Cephalus’ is also a sight to see. There are paintings of popular artists like Modigliani, Chagall and Picasso, too.

The admission fee will be ¥100 discount if you have one day subway ticket. You can learn about the context and backgrounds with the free audio guidance.

By the way, Teruyuki Yamazaki said, “Art is a crystal of great sensibilities. It needs superior skills and sense, just like machine tools”.

If you have time, experience the encounter of the spirit of manufacturing and art at the machine show space in the next building.

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