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岐阜城 Gifu Castle

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Other Gifu areas
18 Tenshukaku, Kinkazan, Gifu-shi, Gifu 500-0000, Japan
  • Palace / Castles
Opening Hours
[From 16th March to 11th May] 9:30-17:30, [From 12th May to 16th October] 8:30-17:30, [From 17th Octorber to 15th March] 9:30-16:30 [1st January] 6:30-16:30
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/24

Historic leader primary base-of-operations

  • Castle

Tourist center address:18 Kinkazan-Tenshukaku, Gifu-city, Gifu pref.
Category : Castle
Opening hours : Mar. 16~May 11 : 9:30-17:30
May 12~Oct. 16 : 8:30-17:30
Oct. 17~Mar. 15 : 9:30-16:30
Tel.: +81-58-263-4853

1. Outline
"The man who commands Mino (Gifu area), will command the world."
Gifu was a very important foothold during the Warring States period (1467-1603). Nowadays Gifu castle is a symbol of Gifu city. It is located at the top of Mount Kinka, along with the Nagara river. Gifu castle was originally called "Inabayama castle", and built in 1201. Then Dousan SAITO, famous as "the viper", attacked his superior and took the castle by force in 1533. But soon he was killed by his son Yoshitatsu.After that Nobunaga ODA, great hero in Japanese history, married with Dosan's daughter No princess and attacked the castle in 1567. Nobunaga ODA made it his primary base-of-operations as the future conqueror of Japan. Nobunaga ODA renamed it "Gifu castle," then renovated the castle into a far more magnificent and impressive place.

The current Gifu castle was built in the 1950s, the original castle had been destroyed by an air raid during the World War 2. On the top floor of the castle, an observation deck, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area, including the Nagara river, Gifu and even Nagoya. At various time of the year, the castle is open for night viewing, providing a quite inspiring view of Gifu city.

2. Entrance fee
Adults (16 and over) : 200 yen
Senior (4 and over, under 16) : 100 yen
20% discount per groups of 30 or more

3. Access
About 15 minutes by Gifu-bus N80 from Gifu station, get off at Gifu-koen, 210 yen
3 minutes walk to Kinkazan rope way station, only three minutes to Mt Kinka top Station, eight minutes walk to Gifu castle

4. My recommendations
Gifu castle is beautifully illuminated every night from sunset to 10 p.m. I love the night view of Gifu. Also, for a limited period during summer, the castle's opening hours are extended to nighttime. Providing a dynamic 360-degree panoramic view of the region, this castle is one of Gifu's most popular night spots.

5. Best visit time
Spring is beautiful with cherry blossoms, Autumn is also beautiful with colorful leaves. Summer is hot in Gifu area, but if you use the rope way (adults round trip 1,080 yen), you can easily reach Gifu castle.

6. Other
I always read Nobunaga's book with admiration. Especially Luis Frois, a famous Jesuit missionary from Portugal, was personally invited by Nobunaga in the castle in 1569. After a short stay in Gifu, he described Nobunaga's remarkable character and praised the castle's extraordinary beauty. He wrote "History of Japan" and introduced to Europe for the first time.

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