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ミッドランドスクエア Midland square

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  • Around Nagoya
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Around Nagoya
4-7-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
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Date of post:2015/07/23

Skyscraper Complex Just a Minute Walk from Nagoya Station

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Midland Square is a skyscraper complex right in front of Nagoya station. The skyscraper is 247 meters tall, and is the tallest building in Nagoya.

The first four floors and the basement floor have many boutiques and restaurants for customers with a big budget. If you can afford to pay a little more for lunch, you may enjoy without worrying about waiting in a long line. Although all the restaurants are good, you should visit one of the popular restaurants on the 4th floor such as “Kuroudo Kuriya NENOHI” (Japanese cuisine restaurant managed by a sake brewery near Nagoya) and “PIZZERIA ISOLA” in your options.

Foodies with a large budget can add the great view from one of the well reputed restaurants on the 41th and the 42nd floor, while enjoying one of the best gourmet meals in Nagoya.

Even if you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on food, don’t miss the unique souvenir shopping experience on the basement floor. There are modern shops like “Hashi Gallery Mon” which sells special chopsticks, or “TOMIZAWA” where you can buy a large variety of selected ingredients. The basement floor is directly connected to the extensive underground city of Nagoya. Drugstores or “All ¥300 Shop” are nearby too.

By the way, if you are tired of all the hustle and bustle, enjoy the panoramic view at the observation deck, Sky Promenade on the 44-46th floors. Although it’s in the center of the city, and the admission fee is a little bit expensive, you can get away from the chaos because there aren’t so many visitors here. During vacations and on weekends, children under the age of 12 can enter the complex for free.

*Midland Square's polite staff will do their best to help you out, although sometimes they do not speak any foreign languages. Not many restaurants offer foreign language menus.

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