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御殿場高原 時の栖 Gotemba Kogen Toki no Sumika

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  • Around Gotemba and Fuji
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Around Gotemba and Fuji
719, Koyama, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka, 412-0033, Japan
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Date of post:2015/07/10

A large recreational resort at the foot of Mt.Fuji

  • Illumination

"Gotemba Toki no Sumika" is a large recreational resort located in Gotemba city. This unique name, which translates to "Gotemba time in the nest" shows hope that guests would settle there and have good time waiting for their baby’s birth just like birds! The resort is proud of their vast site, holding hotels, restaurants, a beer brewery, hot springs, sport facilities, an art museum and shops. It is not a stretch to say that Toki no Sumika is a resort town where everyone from children to adults can have fun.

The two main charms of this resort include many unique and attractive facilities where you can spend an enjoyable time all day long and delicious meals that include a popular craft beer called Gotemba plateau beer. This beer, which is brewed on site, can be enjoyed with homemade sausage and ham. In addition, in the summer and the winter, the resort holds illumination shows using a variety of LED lights. A light tunnel, a fountain show using laser lights and the year’s special illumination are a feast for the eyes!

After checking in, please get a site map from the front desk. I will introduce the main facilities briefly as follows.
・Accommodation: 3 hotels, 5 cottages (Bhutan House, Tepee, Slowhouse Villa, etc)
・Restaurant: buffet restaurant, Japanese restaurant, sushi restaurant, Chinese restaurant, coffee shop, sky lounge, etc
・Hot spring: Kiraku-bo, Chameyu-dono, 2 hot springs for hotel guests
・Sport facilities: swimming pool, soccer ground, tennis court, basketball court, etc

Moreover, this large resort holds other interesting places including a chapel, museum, pet hotel, and Mt. Arigata where 2,000 Buddha statues are enshrined.

Why don’t you stay one night and try some of the 5 varieties of freshly made beer, while listening to the live music in the Buffet Restaurant Mugibatake? Don’t worry if you eat and drink too much. There is also a clinic!
You could visit nearby places on the following day:

Gotemba Premium Outlets ,
Chichibunomiya Memorial Park
Fuji Safari Park

・Pick-up bus from JR Gotemba station, Gotemba line (30min)
・Pick-up bus from JR Susono station, Gotemba line (30min)
・Pick-up bus from JR Mishima station, Tokaido shinkansen, main tokaido line (50min)
・Car from Gotemba IC, Tomei expressway (20min)

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