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朝霧高原 Asagiri Kogen

  • Mountain / Valleys
  • Around Gotemba and Fuji
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Around Gotemba and Fuji
Nebara, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka 418-0101, Japan
  • Mountain / Valleys
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/10

The base of Mt. Fuji

  • Nature Walks

The Asagiri Plateau is the highlands spreading west of Mt. Fuji at an altitude of 800 (2,625ft) to 1000m (3, 280ft). "Asagiri" means "morning fog" and because of its unique topography and climate, the plateau is often covered in fog. This plateau is one of the most eminent zones in Japan for dairy farming and stock raising. The quiet pastoral scene of many cows at pasture can be seen under the grandeur of Mt. Fuji in background. As the summer climate is regarded as cool and comfortable, many people come here to escape from the summer heat. In this plateau there are also splendid tourist facilities such as golf courses, camping sites, amusement parks and ranch experience-based facilities. I also recommend delicious and fresh dairy products made with fresh milk from the farms.

I will introduce the main tourist facilities that you can’t miss.
・Makaino Ranch
Admission: ¥800 (Junior high school student or over) ¥500 (Child of 3 years or over)
Here visitors can come into contact and play with animals. Open up your mind to child-like wonder and try hands on activities such as making butter, ice cream and sausages and trying your hands at ceramic art or glass industrial arts. Walking with a rabbit in your hands will be an unforgettable memory.

・ Fuji Milk Land
Admission: free of charge
Accommodations, a dog run, and an open space for playing with animals are available. Popular house specialties include ice cream, cheese and yogurt produced with fresh local milk.

・Fuji Kacho-en
Admission: ¥1100 (Junior high school student or over) ¥500 (Elementary school student)
In a huge greenhouse of 8,000㎡, more than 10,000 begonias and fuchsias from tropical and sub tropical zones bloom throughout the year. Owl and hawk shows are also held regularly.

・Asagiri Kogen Paraglider School
This facility has a vast area to practice paragliding with a nice view of Mt. Fuji. Participants can learn the flying techniques in a short time. Training flight costs start from ¥4,600 and one from a 400m high mountain starts from ¥6,500.
In Asagiri plateau you can fully enjoy holidays with your family, friends and as a couple, looking at the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji everywhere.

・Car West-fuji road connects Fuji IC of Tomei expressway (40min)
・Taxi from JR Shinfuji station, Tokaido shinkansen (40 min)

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