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三保松原 Miho Seacoast (Miho no Matsubara Beach)

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Other Shizuoka areas
Miho, Shimizu-ku Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka, 424-0901, Japan
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Date of post:2015/07/10

Visit a source of artistic inspiration!

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The famous pine grove is located in Miho peninsula. About 30,000 thickly wooded pine trees extend about 7 km over the peninsula. You can enjoy the natural beauty created by the sea shore, the pine grove and Mt. Fuji. The beautiful landscape was frequently featured on Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) painters. The place became one of the 25 component sites of Mt Fuji UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site with its designation in 2013, not only as it has been a source of artistic inspirations, but since Mt. Fuji has been recognized as an object of worship and Miho Pine Grove has been considered as a part of pilgrimage for worshipers.

The place is also very famous for the gracious legend called “Hagoromo”, the feather robe of a celestial maiden. This beautiful story was featured in the Noh play, which is Japanese traditional stage-performing drama using masks and elegant movements. One French ballet dancer, Helene Giuglaris who was deeply fascinated by the Noh singing “Hagoromo”, went on a tour around Europe, pursuing her ideal dance performance. But unfortunately, she collapsed on stage while performing. She really wanted to visit the site of “Hagoromo”, Miho pine grove until her last minute but eventually passed away on stage. Later, “The monument of Hagoromo” was built to honor her. The Noh drama titled Hagoromo is now performed on Hagoromo festival held in October. The stage is set up in front of Hagoromo’s Pine Tree under the light of fire torches. The Noh players show their artistic performance on that stage.

From Miho-no-Matsubara sea shore, there are pine trees aligned along a street which leads to the Miho shrine at its end. The God of Ocean is enshrined there and the street is called the God’s Approach, or “Kami-no-michi” in Japanese. If you have time, walking along the Approach is also nice.

☆ Access to Miho-no-Matsubara
By bus: 25 minutes from Shimizu Station(360yen)
By taxi: 20 minutes from Shimizu Station(about 3,000yen),
40 minutes from Shizuoka Station(5,000 to 6,500yen)

You can fully enjoy Shizuoka if you visit other places accessible from Miho.
1. Nihondaira
You can enjoy a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji over Shimizu port and Miho peninsula if the weather is fine.
It is a must-see place to visit.

2. Kunozan Toshogu shrine
Five minutes ride of a cable car from Nihondaira takes you to Kunozan Toshogu shrine. The great shogun (military dictator) Ieyasu TOKUGAWA (late 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century) was enshrined there. It is a good visit to find out the trace of the historically important figure who united the nation and built the foundation of Japan.

3. Strawberry picking experience (From January to the beginning of May)
You’ll see greenhouses stretching out 7 km on the hill side along the coast. Mt. Kuno is the birthplace of strawberry picking for sightseeing. Once you try the taste, you cannot help stopping!

4.Sushi Museum and Fish Market  
Come down from Nihondaira to Shimizu port, there’s a complex facility, called S-Pulse Dream Plaza, including a movie theater, shopping mall, some restaurants and a sushi museum. The fish market is also close to S-Pulse Dream Plaza. It will be a good option to try the good taste of Sushi here!

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Other Sightseeing Spots of Around Mount Fuji(Shizuoka, Yamanashi)

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