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身延山久遠寺 Mt. Minobu Kuonji Temple

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Other Yamanashi areas
3567 Minobe, Minobu-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi 409-2593, Japan
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Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/14

Historical Buddhist Temple of Saint Nichiren

  • Temple / Shrine

This is the head temple of the Nichiren-syu, a sect of Buddhism founded by Saint Nichiren in 1274. He tried to save people suffering from plagues and natural disasters in those days, and educated disciples here.

Minobusan-kuonji temple is also renowned for the beauty of its cherry blossoms in spring, so I went there at the end of March. I rode a bus to this temple and got off at the final stop. I walked through many souvenir shops along the street to the magnificent Sanmon gate. Behind the gate, there are about 300 steps to the center of the temple. These steps are incredibly steep, so going up reminded me of the hard discipline of ascetic monks. After ascending the steps, there is the magnificent main temple and other various religious buildings including a five-story pagoda built only with Japanese wood. Young monks also make their daily practices and exercises there. Although, it was a rainy day, I still could enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms.

The Treasure Museum in the basement of the main building exhibits a number of cultural assets. If you have interest in Japanese religious cultures, it would be good for you to visit there.

You can use a ropeway to the summit of the mountain where you can see panoramic view of the surrounding mountains including Mt. Fuji.

Opening hours (Treasure Museum): 9:00-16:00
Closed (Treasure Museum): Thursday (Next day when it falls on a holiday) except in April and August
Price (Treasure Museum admission): ¥300 (JPY / adult), ¥200 (JPY / student)

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