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富士山 Mount Fuji

  • Mountain / Valleys
  • Around Gotemba and Fuji
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Around Gotemba and Fuji
Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 418-0112, Japan
  • Mountain / Valleys
Date of post:2015/07/14

Boundary between heaven and Earth

  • Nature Walks

There are several climbing routes on Mt. Fuji and most of them have the 5th station or the new 5th station around half way to the summit. The 5th station mentioned here is the one on the Subaru line on the North side of Mt. Fuji, which joins the Yoshida climbing trail. The Subaru line is the name of the toll road and it ends at the 5th station. From here, climbers have to hike for a good 5 or 6 hours to the top.

The altitude at the 5th station is 2305 meters. Traditionally, it was regarded as the boundary between heaven and Earth. Things have changed and now the 5th station has become a commercialized place. You cannot expect quietness, solitude, virgin nature or things you usually expect in mountains but you do enjoy nice views and a unique atmosphere that people surrounding Mt. Fuji create. The view below you is especially good. It may be lakes, forests and towns or sea of clouds depending on a weather condition. In any case, you may feel that it is indeed the boundary between heaven and Earth.

There are rest houses which have souvenir shops and restaurants, a shrine and an information center. The rest houses sell all kinds of souvenirs. At the restaurants or the cafes, you will find Mt. Fuji curry, Mt. Fuji bread, Mt. Fuji lunch boxes etc. There is also a post office and letters sent from there will have a special post mark. At the information center, you can see some exhibits and a video about Mt. Fuji.

It is about a 50 minutes’ trip from Kawaguchiko station to the 5th station by bus. The number of buses is limited, so check the schedule before you go. The access to the 5th station is often hindered by snow and icy road condition from December to mid-April.

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