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のとじま水族館 Notojima Aquarium

  • Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens
  • Around Noto-hanto
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  • ClosedDecember 29-December 31

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Around Noto-hanto
15-40, Notojima Magarimachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa 926-0216, Japan
  • Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens
Opening Hours
March 20-November 30:9:00-17:00, December 1-March 19:9:00-16:30
December 29-December 31
Date of post:2016/03/15

An interesting aquarium on a little island

  • Theme Park

The aquarium is located on Noto-jima, which is a small island in the Nanao Bay. It's home to nearly 40,000 fish and animals from about 500 species, many of which are fish in the seas around the Noto peninsula such as whale sharks, porcupine fish, Alaskan pink shrimp, and freshwater fish that live in a river in the Ishikawa prefecture.

You can wander through the site's 6 distinct areas and enjoy a packed program of events, feeds and demonstrations; behind the seas tours, dolphin and seal interaction, California sea lion show, penguin walkk, sardine big wave, feedings (seal, sea otter, otter) and so on, all year round.

However, the event I highly recommend is "Kotatsu de Suizokukan", which runs between January and February. Kotatsu, which is a Japanese home heater, placed in front of the whale sharks aquarium and you can watch whale sharks and other fish while warming yourself in the kotatsu. It's a really unique event, isn't it?

The area on the opposite shore, across the Noto-jima bridge, is Wakura onsen. Wakura onsen is one of the most renowned hot springs in Japan, which has been welling up for about 1200 years.

There are many luxury and fancy hotels and ryokan in the area, and especially Kagaya is the best ryokan in Japan, which has won the first rank in Japan's best 100 hotels and ryokan selected by hospitality professionals for 36 years since 1981.
The ryokan is very famous for its hospitality like the Ritz-Carlton. If you stay there, you'll have a magical time just like I did.

Address : 15-40 Notojima-magari-machi, Nanao 926-0216
Tel : 81 (0)767 84 1271

Opening hours
20 March - 30 November 9:00 - 17:00 (Last admission 16:30)
1 December - 19 March 9:00 - 16:30 (Last admission 16:00)
* The aquarium is only closed on 29-31 December.

Tickets and prices
Adult ¥1850 / Child (3-14 years) ¥510

Getting there
By train
- Limited express train: About 60 min from Kanazawa station to Wakura Onsen station. The fare is ¥2230.
- Special limited express for tourists of the Nanao Line: About 80 min from Kanazawa station to Wakura-onsen station. The fare is ¥2950.

By bus
- Route bus: About 40 min from Wakura Onsen station. Get off at "Notojima-rinkai-koen". The fare is ¥630.

By taxi
About 20 min from Wakura Onsen station.

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