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金沢蓄音器館 Kanazawa Phonograph Museum

  • Around Kanazawa
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  • ClosedDecember 29-January 3、Irregularly

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Around Kanazawa
2-11-21, Owaricho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0902, Japan
Opening Hours
December 29-January 3、Irregularly
Date of post:2016/02/24

Try to listen to the sound of phonographs

  • Sightseeing

After you enjoy traditional culture of Japan, would you like a phonograph museum for a change? Kanazawa Phonograph Museum is located in Owaricho near the Asano river, Kazuemachi and Higashi Chayagai.

Demonstrations of phonographs take place at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00 everyday. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes. We can listen to real sounds of phonographs and explanation of details and history, although the explanation is mainly Japanese. The staff seem to speak some English. If you have a few questions, please try to ask them.

The sound of phonographs is very soft and has relaxing effects. It is very comfortable just listening to the sound. The spaces in the museum also have comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
Besides, the sounds are similar to live performances. It is because a phonograph has a horn instead of speakers. Even though we cannot see the horn from the outside, there is a horn in the box. We can listen to different types of horns made of metal, wood and paper at the demonstration. It is really interesting. Basically, they play from early to later models like Edison Standard, Victor, Gramophone, Victrola, HMV and so on. They have about 600 phonographs and 150 phonographs are always exhibited.

The first director of this museum, Youkaichiya Hiroshi used to run a phonograph shop in Kanazawa. He found a phonograph thrown without care one day. He distressed himself and started to collect and repair phonographs. When he noticed, he had 540 phonographs and 20,000 SP records. After that, Kanazawa city received the collection and opened this museum. Therefore, in a sense, it is just a coincidence that this museum is in Kanazawa. However, it also seems to be connected with the cultural climate of Kanazawa which takes care of and keeps something old. When Wangari Maathai (an environmentalist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner) visited Japan, she was impressed with a Japanese word, Mottainai. It is because the one word includes Environment 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and Respect. Mottainai is a word usually used at the situation that we feel sorry for wasting something. Anyway, this museum also seems to be based on the traditional spirit of Japan. The appearance also matches the nostalgic neighborhood.

On Sundays, playing reproducing piano also takes place. Besides, events like live performances and talking sessions take place every month in this museum. Please try to visit this curious museum in Kanazawa.

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