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魯山人寓居跡いろは草庵 Rosanjin's Hut Iroha

  • Around Kagaonsen
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  • ClosedWednesday(A holiday opens)、New Year's Day

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Around Kagaonsen
18-5, Yamashironsen, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa 922-0242, Japan
Opening Hours
Wednesday(A holiday opens)、New Year's Day
Date of post:2016/03/15

Learn about traditional culture and arts in a unique hot spring spa

  • Historical Building

Yamashiro onsen is one of the largest hot spring resorts in Kaga, about one hour from Kanazawa by train, it is located between the sea of Japan and Mount Haku in western Japan.

If you would like to experience a wonderful hot spring spa that perhaps can’t be found anywhere else, just go to Yamashiro onsen, wander around and soak in the hot spring spa (and also stay at least one night) feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed.

There are 2 public bathhouses in this fantastic spa. Both of them are open from 6am to 10pm every day. They only close between 6am and noon on the fourth Wednesday of every month.
Admission for each bath
Bath 1 (Soyu) : Adult ¥420, 6-11 years ¥130, 3-5 years ¥50
Bath 2 (Ko-Soyu) Adult ¥500, 6-11 years ¥200, 3-5 years ¥100.
If you would like to go both, you should get the combined ticket: Adult ¥700, 6-11 years ¥250, 3-5 years ¥120.

Kaga is also renowned for being the birthplace of Kutani ware. In Yamashiro onsen there are galleries and museums and you can enjoy many paintings and potteries on a wheel in the museum of Kutani ware.

Yamashiro onsen has been favored by penmen and calligraphy/painting artists since the ancient times. It is especially related to Rosanjin KITAOJI, who was a maker of carved stone seals, a painter, a potter, a calligrapher, a lacquer artist, a cook and an epicure.
Rosanjin was born in Kyoto and, as an adult, moved from place to place as a guest of wealthy families. This lifestyle enriched his knowledge of gourmet food and dinnerware.

He stayed at a nice cottage, which is a museum now, "Iroha-souan" in Yamashiro onsen for 7 months and it was a memorable place for him throughout his life. You'll be able to know about him and his prominent work at this beautiful latticed house with a lovely garden.

Address: 3-70 Hokubu, Yamashiro-onsen, Kaga 922-0243
Tel: +81 (0)761 77 1144

Getting there
By train
- Limited express train: About 25 min from Kanazawa station to Kaga-onsen station. The fare is ¥1510.
- Local train: About 60 min from Kanazawa station to Kaga-onsen station. The fare is ¥760.

By bus
- Route bus: About 12 min from Kaga-onsen station. Get off at "Yamashiro-onsen ". The fare is ¥250.
- Kaga Yunosato express bus: About 60 min (sea course) or 85 min (mountain course) from Kanazawa station. Get off at "Yamashiro-onsen". The fare is ¥1240.

By taxi
- About 15 min from Kaga-onsen station. The fare is about ¥1600.
- About 25 min from Komatsu airport. The fare is about ¥6000.

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