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那谷寺 Natadera Temple

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  • Around Kagaonsen
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Around Kagaonsen
Yu122, Natamachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa, 923-0336, Japan
  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
Opening Hours
[March 1-November 30] 8:30-16:45, [December 1-February 28] 8:45-16:30
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/03

Be reborn in the middle of Mother Nature

  • Temple / Shrine

Nata-dera is a special head temple of Koyasan Shingon sect, founded in 717 by the priest Taicho. Since then, it has been prospered as a temple for Mt. Haku.

Renowned for its autumn leaves, 5 buildings of the temple are designated as National Important Cultural Properties : the main shrine, a hall of worship, a Chinese-style gate, a study hall the priest's living quarters or kitchen, the three-storey pagoda, a hall where the goma rites take place and the bell tower. The garden is a national-designated site of scenic beauty.

The main shrine of the temple is within the cave and you can experience "Tainai Kuguri", which symbolizes rebirth in Buddhism, so you will be reborn by going through the cave.

Other significant objects within Nata-dera grounds include a memorial stone with an inscription of Haiku composed by Basho Matsuo and a statue of Koshin worshiped as a matchmaker deity next to the stone, and the spring water of Fudo Myoo under the main shrine.

The water has never dried up since ancient times and you can receive a blessing by pouring the water on things that are to be put on the body like accessories and jewelry.

When you visit the temple, you should wear walking shoes because there are many stairs.

Address: Yu 122, Nata-machi, Komatsu 923-0336
Tel: +81 (0)761 65 2111

Opening hours
1 March - 30 November 8:30 - 16:45 / 1 December - 28 or 29 February 8:45 - 16:30

Adults (12+ years) ¥600 / Children (6-11 years) ¥300
- Study and Garden: ¥200 (free for children)

Getting there
By train
- Limited express train: About 25 min from Kanazawa station to Kaga Onsen station. The fare is ¥1510.
- Local train: About 60 min from Kanazawa station to Kaga Onsen station. The fare is ¥760.

By bus
- Kaga Shuyu bus (mountain course-Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus): About 30 min from Kaga Onsen station. Get off at "Nata-dera". The fare for 1-day ticket is ¥1000.

By taxi
- About 15 min from Kaga Onsen station.
- About 20 min from Komatsu station.
- About 25 min from Komatsu airport.

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