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志摩 Shima

  • Around Kanazawa
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Around Kanazawa
1-13-21, Higashiyama, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0831, Japan
Opening Hours
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/03

Would you like to be entertained by a geisha?

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Samurai, Ninja and Geisha are very popular icons for foreigners. Unfortunately, Samurai and Ninja don't exist anymore, but to your joy, Geisha is still alive. There are 3 districts where Geisha live in Kanazawa : Higashi, Nishi, Kazue-machi.
These districts are called "chaya" (literally meaning "tea house").

Higashi chaya is the largest one that is currently preserved as a National Important Cultural Building Cluster. Shima is a real tea house built in Higashi chaya in 1820 and has been designated a National Important Cultural Property.

Geisha is a specialist in traditional Japanese culture and a professional entertainer. A tea house is where a geisha performs traditional dances and plays Japanese instruments like a shamisen (Japanese three-stringed instrument) and taiko (Japanese drum) to entertain their guests. Normally first-time customers aren't granted access there. It's difficult to experience tea house entertainment for newcomers.

Shima is not a tea house anymore but only a museum. Although there are no geisha, you can find the musical instruments geisha used to use, interesting tea house furniture and so on. These will make you feel like you are entertained by a geisha in a tea house.

However, if you wish to experience an a real tea house, there are tea house experience possible in English ( held for tourits a few times a year at Kaikaro, which is the largest tea house in Higashi chaya.

You don't need a reservation and the ticket is only ¥4,800. Not only can you experience the performance but you can also also ask questions in English! The experience will definitely be an unforgettable memory.

Address: 1-13-21 Higashiyama, Kanazawa 920-0831
Tel: +81 (0)76 252 5675

Opening hours
9:00 - 18:00

Adults (18+ years) ¥500 / Children (6-17 years) ¥300
- Kanson-an tea room
Green tea with fresh sweets ¥700 / Green tea with dry confectionery ¥500

Getting there
By bus
- Route bus: About 10 min from the Kenroku-en exit bus terminal at Kanazawa station. Get off at "Hashiba-cho (Kazue-machi / Higashi Chaya district)".
- Joka-machi Kanazawa Syuyu bus (Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus): About 10 min or 25 min from the Kenroku-en exit bus terminal at Kanazawa station. Get off at "Hashiba-cho (Kazue-machi / Higashi Chaya District)".

By taxi
About 10 min from Kanazawa station.

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