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尾山神社 Oyama Shrine

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Around Kanazawa
11-1 Oyamamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0918, Japan
  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
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Date of post:2015/07/24

Unique combination between the western and the eastern culture

  • Temple / Shrine

When we step up the stone stairs through Torii, which most Japanese shrines have as a gate, we can reach a unique gate which is called "Kamimon". It is a feature of Oyama Shrine. The gate looks like a western traditional gate. And also, it has some eastern tastes. Actually, it has some influence of Chinese style.
As for the main shrine, it seems to be founded with following a traditional Japanese style. But, if we look carefully, we can see some bricks used as a fence at the right side of the main shrine. It is unique as a Japanese shrine.

In 1873, Oyama shrine was founded. It is in the Meiji period of Japan. So, we can see some combination between the western culture and the eastern culture. After 1868, Meiji Restoration, Japan started its industrialization and westernization.

In Oyama shrine, Maeda Toshiie has been enshrined. Maeda Toshiie was a feudal lord of this region, Kaga Domain. After he passed away in 1599, he was enshrined in the predecessor of Oyama shrine, Utatsu Hachiman shrine near Kanazawa castle. So, we can see a statue of Maeda Toshiie in the site of Oyama shrine. And also, we can find a stone monument of his wife, Omatsunokata. They say that she was a very talented person in both study and martial arts.

Behind the Maeda Toshiie statue and the stone monument of Omatsunokata, there is a Japanese style garden. It is also one of main features of Oyama shrine. And, it is incredible. The garden was created to imitate an ancient instrument. We can see some unique bridges like Kenrokuen. The quality of the garden is very high and registered as a scenic spot by Ishikawa prefecture. And, if we stroll carefully, we must find more interesting spots in the site of Oyama shrine.

Oyama shrine is located on a very convenient place. It is near Kanazawa castle. It is the center of busy shopping street. Among the buildings, we can find the entrance of Oyama shrine. There is a bus stop, Minami-cho・Oyama Jinja Shrine. If we go sightseeing in Kanazawa, one day pass is very convenient. And, Oyama shrine is one of spots which we must visit in Kanazawa.

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