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長町武家屋敷跡 Nagamachi District

  • Historical sites
  • Around Kanazawa
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Around Kanazawa
Nagamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0865, Japan
  • Historical sites
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Date of post:2016/02/24

Let's stroll and find the remains of Samurai.

  • Sightseeing

Kanazawa is originally a castle town developed around Kanazawa Castle.
Within 500 meters from stone-walls, there is Nagamachi; Nagamachi literally means a long town. It was long from Kourinbo to Zusho bridge. As a fire never occurred, the appearance has remained. Mainly middle class Samurais used to live there.

Samurai is originally a warrior. The streets are not straight to prevent enemies entering. However, Edo period was peaceful, and their work were not only security but also administration of budget, business, agriculture, construction and other affairs. They seemed to be government officials. Their houses have gardens which consist of three areas with cherry, pine, maple trees and fruit trees. They say that there were more trees about 20 or 30 years ago. The houses are surrounded by mud walls. They have some differences of height that show ranks. If you find colorful stone-walls like Kanazawa Castle and metal decoration, they also show higher ranks. The executive Samurais rode horses, so their houses have remains of stables. 8 Samurais called Kaga Hakka had many lands. If we watch an old map, their lands overlap present public facilities like schools, hospitals or libraries.

In winter, mud walls are covered by straw-matts. It is seasonal tradition called "Komogake". If water or moisture enters the walls and freezes, it expands and breaks walls. Therefore, they wrap not only mud walls but also stone lanterns with straw-mutts.

Around edges of Nagamachi, there are two canals. One is Kuratsuki Yousui. The other is Oono Yousui. Kuratsuki Yousui was originally a canal for agriculture, but it was used as the outer moat of Kanazawa Castel. Along the canal, there are many fashionable shops. If we go up the stairs beside shops, we will find that the second floor is connected to the ground. The differences of height are the remains of Castle Walls. They created tall walls rather than wide moats like Edo Castle. Oono Yousui is used for various purposes like agriculture, transportation, fire and snow prevention. When they created Kanazawa Castle, they use the canal to bring a lot of materials.
Along Oono Yousui, there is Ashigaru Museum. Next to it, there is a school surrounded by mud walls. It is one of remains of Hakka. Besides, there are many highlights, Takada and Nomura Family Samurai Houses, Shinise Kinenkan, Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryokan, Kutani Kaburaki, Nagamachi Yuzen Kan and interesting shops. Please check them up.

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