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金沢21世紀美術館 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

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  • ClosedExhibition zone: Monday (It's the next day in case of a holiday), New Year Holidays, Exchange zone:New Year Holidays

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Around Kanazawa
1-2-1, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0962, Japan
  • Art museums / Galleries
Opening Hours
[Exhibition zone] 10:00-18:00 (Friday and Saturday are to 20:00); [Exchange zone] 9:00-22:00
Exhibition zone: Monday (It's the next day in case of a holiday), New Year Holidays, Exchange zone:New Year Holidays
Date of post:2015/07/03

One of the most outstanding, modern and contemporary museums of Japan

  • Arts

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa is renowned as one of the most successful museums in Japan since it has opened in 2004. The museum was designed by the Pritzker Prize laureates of Japanese architectural firm SANAA; Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa.

The shape of the building is circle for a multi way access and there are window-glasses to bring brightness and openness because of the concept of the museum; a museum available to everyone whenever they want like a park.

The collection features works of contemporary art since 1980 and works of artists who have a connection with Kanazawa. There are a variety of events, educational programs and community exhibitions throughout the year for people to experiment, create and innovate through art.

As for access and facilities of the museum, there are 4 main entrances to the museum and also they welcome guide dogs, partner dogs and hearing dogs in the museum. The museum is wheelchair-friendly and easy to access for disabled visitors. There are fully accessible toilets, baby care rooms, storage lockers (you need to pay a ¥100 deposit but the money will come back when you open the locker again), cafés and shop are there too. And they offer free Wi-Fi.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa is in central Kanazawa and you can make a nice tour around the museum to see Kenroku-en (the famous traditional Japanese garden), Kanazawa castle park, Naga-machi Buke-yashiki (samurai resident) district and so on.

Address: 1-2-1 Hirosaka, Kanazawa 920-8509
Tel: +81 (0)76 220 2800

Opening hours
Exhibition zone: Sunday - Thursday 10:00 - 18:00 / Friday - Saturday 10:00 - 20:00
Public zone: 9:00 - 22:00
Closed Monday (exhibition zone only) and 29 December - 1 January

Free entry, except for the exhibition zone.

Getting there
By bus
- Route bus: About 10 min from the Kenroku-en exit bus terminal at Kanazawa station. Get off at "Hirosaka / 21st century museum".
- Joka-machi Kanazawa Syuyu bus (Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus): About 20 min from the Kenroku-en exit bus terminal at Kanazawa station. Get off at "Hirosaka / 21st century museum".
- Kenroku-en Shuttle Bus (Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus): About 10 min from the Kenroku-en exit bus terminal at Kanazawa station. Get off at "Hirosaka / 21st century museum".
- Machi Bus (bus services limited to weekends and holidays): About 20 min from the Kenroku-en exit bus terminal at Kanazawa station. Get off at "21st century museum / Kenroku-en".

By Taxi
About 10 min from Kanazawa station.

Date of post:2015/07/03

Let's stroll casually first. We must find something new in Kanazawa.

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Kanazawa is a city where we can see many histric places actually. And also, we can feel positive atmosphere about something new. It is a little similar to Kyoto.

This museum is located next to Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen and Ishikawa Prefectual Museum of Art. This area seems to symbolize both old and new aspects of this city.

Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet train) opened on March, 2015. The time between Tokyo and Kanazawa by train was shortened from almost four hours to two and a half hours. Kanazawa seems to be changing rapidly. On May, Unesco Creative Cities Network Meeting 2015 took place in Kanazawa. And, many events are taking place these days. With these trends, the role of this museum might be increased.

The atmosphere of the museum is fresh and cusual. Because this museum was also planned as a public park and easy to accese for any people. Actually, we can see young and old people are strolling around the museum. And, some people are drinking and talking in the museum cafe.

The museum building is deseigned by a team, SANNA, which consists of a male architect, a female architect and assosciates. And, they were awarded The Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2010.
And, this museum focuses architecture, contemporary art and industrial art in recent years.

There are some permanet exhibitons. And, we can see some of them with no charge. "Color Active House", "Swimming Pool" and "Blue Planet Sky", these works are popular and free. (As for the pool to see from both above and under, we can only see from above without payment.) And, we can enter a museum library, a kid's studio and some gallery spaces freely.

In the current exhibition space, we need to pay an entrance fee and some permanent works are in the area. When I visited this time, an exhibition, "In our time: Art in post-industrial Japan" was taking place. There were many installations. And, some discussion seemed to be taking place. So, contemporary art seems to be active in Kanazawa.
Actually, contemporaty art need a lot of space to create and exhibit. So, it might be a favorable thing in a little provincial area. It has some free atmosphere.
Anyway, for the future, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa must be one of remakable places in Japan.

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