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江ノ電 Enoden

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Around Kamakura
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Date of post:2015/06/16

Slow but adorable train in Kamakura

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Enoden (abbreviation of Enoshima Dentetsu or Enoshima Electric Train) is a little pretty train connecting Kamakura and Fujisawa, about 10km, for 34 minutes. The average speed is only about 20km/h. They started the service in 1902.

It is very convenient to use this train for the tourists because you can reach many attractive points such as temples and shrines including the Great Buddha.
The view is also very beautiful from the train. If you ride it, I recommend you to stand at the front. It is thrilling to see outside because it runs through narrow paths between houses. In some areas, it runs on the road together with cars. When it runs on the coast line, the ocean view is very pleasant.

You will see Enoshima Island (Japanese Mont Saint-Michel) which you can walk through using the bridge from Enoshima station. Often you find surfers on the beach. The beaches are very crowded during the summer months.

Because of the scenery of the beach and this pretty train, it is often used as background for movies, TV shows and TV commercials.

Date of post:2015/06/12

Take a retro-looking train and visit Kamakura

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Enoden is a shortened nickname for "Enoshima Dentetsu", or "Enoshima Electric Railway Company" which started operating in 1902 between Fujisawa and Kamakura.

It runs 10 kilometers with 15 stations for 35 minutes. As it’s a single track, sometimes your train needs to wait for another train to pass by. When it was first operated, there were 39 stations, which means each station was approximately 260 meters from each other. The number of the stations has been narrowed down, some of which changed names and places later were organized as they are now. Only 4 stations are still located where they originally were: Kugenuma, Inamuragasaki, Gokurakuji and Hase.

Each station on the Enoden line is small, but especially between Enoshima and Kamakura, almost every station has some sightseeing spots. You can start your Enoden tour from Enoshima or from Kamakura. Enoshima is a scenic small island, which includes natural beauty and historical spots like Enoshima shrine. The seafood is nice too, as some restaurants are run by fishermen. If you start your tour from Kamakura, you’ll be visiting historical spots such as the Great Buddha and Tsurugaoka Hachiman shrine. Either way, the scenery from the train window varies widely. A part of the route goes on the road with cars like tram, also run very close to the nearby houses, and faces the ocean. During the weekends and holiday seasons, or any events such as firework displays, it's very crowded with visitors, but usually you can enjoy the landscapes from the window.

There is only one tunnel near Gokurakuji temple station, and it’s said to be the most difficult part of the whole civil engineering construction for Enoden. After it was completed in 1907, the train could get through the mountain, which made it possible to visit the Great Buddha in the Hase area.

Not only the scenery from the train, but also the landscape including trains and the railway is photogenic. Some places were used for the settings for TV shows or films, which attract many tourists every year..

Although it greatly depends on the weather condition, from the beach side near Inamuragasaki station or Kamakura Koko mae station, you can see Mt. Fuji toward Enoshima island, especially the combination of Mt. Fuji and the sunset attract many visitors.

If you are planning to stop by more than 3 stations for sightseeing spots, you can buy “Noriori-kun”, the one-day ticket for Enoden. It costs ¥600 for adult, which is quite a bargain if you plan to stop at some stations.

Price: One day ticket (Noriori-kun) Adult ¥600 (JPY) / Child ¥300 (JPY)

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