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ホンダ ウェルカムプラザ青山 Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama

  • Shinagawa / Haneda Area
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  • ClosedYear-End and New Year Holidays, Golden Week holidays, Summer holidays, Irregularly

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Shinagawa / Haneda Area
Honda AoyamaBuilding 1F, 2-1-1, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-8556, Japan
Opening Hours
Year-End and New Year Holidays, Golden Week holidays, Summer holidays, Irregularly
Date of post:2015/11/16

World renowned robot demonstration for free!

  • Sightseeing

If you are interested in robots and technology, this is a must-see place!
Several times a day, they offer you free robot demonstration where you can meet ASIMO, Honda manufactured human-sized robot!!

ASIMO was created by HONDA in order to help and live in harmony with people.
He moves, runs and even jumps!!
His movements are so natural that it's hard to believe he is a robot and not human being. Some of my guests even asked me if there was a human inside or not!! So funny!
Actually, he is very cute :-):-)

At the end of the demonstration, you have an opportunity to take a photo with him. (During the demonstration, of course you can take pictures of him.)
This gives you a great memory of Japan! -- a country of high-tech and lovely robots!

Besides ASIMO's demonstration, this place originally is HONDA's headquarter as well as a car showcase. You are able to see new models of cars and motorbikes. They are really cool!
Many people sit down in the driver's seat of the car or the bike and take pictures!!
That's also great fun!!

There is also a small gift shop, it's a good chance for you to purchase ASIMO's souvenirs.

This location is just a few minutes from Aoyama itchome subway station, taking either Tokyo metro Ginza line or Toei subway Oedo line.

Another place that you can see an ASIMO demonstration in Tokyo is a Miraikan museum, however you need to pay an entrance fee to do so. That's why I think this HONDA showcase is very valuable and precious!!

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