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ユザワヤ 蒲田店 Yuzawaya (Kamata)

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  • Shinagawa / Haneda Area
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Shinagawa / Haneda Area
8-23-5, Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0051, Japan
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Date of post:2015/11/16

Be a handicraft expert!

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Is handicraft popular in your country? Knitting, sewing, embroidery, hand quilting… you name it, everything for handicraft is available. Yuzawaya is a retail store for craft and hobby and there are several branches, but the one in Kamata is the flagship store which is worth visiting while you’re in Japan.

Yuzawaya Kamata contains three buildings, one is mainly for cloth for special purposes, such as theatrical costumes. The other building carries cottons, materials for craftwork such as beads, leather and wool yarn. The third building features items for other hobbies like Japanese calligraphy, painting tools, and plastic models.

When Yuzawaya was founded, it mainly was for wool yarn and cloth, and the range of those are still brilliant. It has some imported cloth such as Liberty from England, and different kinds of cloth like organic cotton, indigo dyeing and cotton denim. What you might find interesting most will be Japanese print clothes, for instance Sumo pattern, some character prints and traditional Japanese patterns. The ranges are occasionally replaced as seasons or terms. Also Yuzawaya attracts lots of female fans of handmade beads accessories, which has been in fashion lately. You’ll see many of them standing in front of the store shelves which are lined with colourful beads, thinking of which colour would match which colour and parts.

Started from a retailer of cloth and wool yarn, the store ended up carrying lots of other products now as I mentioned above, you never get tired of finding and looking for something you need. Once you visit the store, you’ll soon be willing to enjoy doing craftwork.

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