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スカイバス東京(三菱ビル前) Sky Bus Tokyo (In front of Mitsubishi Building)

  • Other Walks / City Walking
  • Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
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Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2, Marunochi , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
  • Other Walks / City Walking
Opening Hours
[Sky Bus Tokyo-Office] 9:30-18:00
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Date of post:2015/10/27

Enjoy the different view of Tokyo from double-decker bus

  • Sightseeing

After experiencing it only once, I’m now a fan of this night tour and I have many reasons to recommend it.

First, the tour is very compact and time efficient, yet it covers Tokyo’s major night lights that tourists are hoping to visit during their stay. Second, you can view the scenery from the top deck of the open-top double-decker. It might look different from what you saw from the ground during the day. Third, it’s approximately a 120-minute tour in total, and it has a 60-minute stop at Aqua City in Odaiba, which allows you to have something to eat, or shop. At Aqua City, the observatory on the 3rd floor is highly recommended. Although the bus guide is Japanese, an audio guide for English, Chinese and Korean is available free of charge.

Personally the best point of the tour is the view of Tokyo Bay from the Rainbow Bridge which allows you to see it from a higher point and without a roof and window. Travelling on a motorway on a top-deck double-decker is a bit scary, but the scenery coming ahead of you will be something unforgettable for you.

It may be a bit chilly, but I would recommend trying this in autumn, as the bus runs almost every day and the air is relatively clear, which makes the night view more beautiful.

You need to book in advance through the internet, and you should arrive at the terminal stop of Mitsubishi building near Tokyo Station 20 minutes before the departure (18:30). Enjoy your ride!

Departure time: 18:30 in front of Mitsubishi Building, near Tokyo station.
Tips: It’s an open roof, you might as well prepare what you wear according to the seasons. Also, the wind on a motorway is very strong, so be careful not to let your hat blow away.
The tour costs ¥2,100 per person, the operating day differs depending on the seasons. For more information, check the official website below!

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