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伊東屋 銀座本店 Ginza Itoya

  • Department store
  • Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
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Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
2-7-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
  • Department store
Opening Hours
[Mon-Sat] 10:00-20:00, [Sun and National Holidays] 10:00-19:00, [12F CAFE] 10:00-22:00 (Last Order 21:00)
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/11/16

Modern glass-fronted building is all about stationery.

  • Shopping

What have you heard of the reputation about Japan-made stationery? Unique, high quality, witty, funny, humorous… Probably all of these are correct. Ito-ya Ginza is a famous stationer which has more than a hundred-year history. Having said that, the building was renovated in June 2015, and a market research on the range of products was made, reading today’s trends as well.

You can find stationery from overseas and very Japanese products such as origami paper and witty gadgets like a stapler that doesn’t need staples. Especially the variety of paper is stunning. The floor called FINE PAPER on the 7th floor has more than 1,000 different kind of paper. According to your purpose, you can choose and ask staff to cut the one you like. Traditionally Japan has put importance on paper in many situations in life, and the tradition still goes on and we try to integrate paper culture into modern day in Japan.

Each floor has its theme, and the items are categorized in accordance with it. For example, the 2nd floor is called SHARE and you’ll find tools for letter writing such as writing paper, envelope and small gifts. This floor is even equipped with a post box which you can use to actually post mail.

One more thing I can recommend is to check the 11th floor which is called FARM. The floor actually has a small section of agricultural farm where vegetables are grown. Those vegetables are picked and served in the restaurant “Stylo” on the 12th floor.

It might sound a bit random, but with the renovation of the building, Ito-ya started a new attempt. I’m sure you can enjoy every corner of the store.

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