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SHIBUYA109 Shibuya 109

  • Composite facilities
  • Shibuya/Meguro
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2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043, Japan
  • Composite facilities
Opening Hours
10:00-21:00, (except cafe & restaurant and Ticket Port PIA STATION)
1st January
Date of post:2015/11/16

Tokyo girls fashion mecca !!

  • Shopping

Opened in 1979 in Shibuya district, since then this is the very best center of girls' fashion in Japan. From fluffy and kawaii (cute) clothes to edgy and cool fashion, everything girls want is here! This is a must-see place for fashion lovers!

109, a bit funny name originates from the corporation which has developed this building and surroundings, TOKYU. 'TO' is ten and 'KYU' is nine in Japanese, that's how the building's name came from.

From the basement all the way to the 8th floor, it is filled with fashion stores... for girls!! Over 120 shops located in 109 building and attract girls from all over the world. Actually if you love fashion, age doesn't matter!! I see many people over 20 (like me!) purchasing clothes and other fashion items here because the fashion is so cool, lovely and unique.

There are many kawaii(cute) clothes store such as LIZ LISA, SPIGA, ROJITA, Rienda and Delyle etc. As well as cool and chic fashion shops like SLY, LIP SERVICE, MOUSSY, EGOIST and so on. Very artistic and unique one is definitely KOBINAI. And don't forget CECIL McBEE on the second floor! CECIL McBEE is Tokyo girl's icon shop, having so many kawaii, neat and nice clothes and items.

The good thing about 109 building is, each store is not large as a space so you can enjoy seeing many stores at once. And the staffs are extremely kind and helpful, if you look for another color or size, don't hesitate to ask them. They all dress up well and wear the latest clothing so that their fashions are very good sample for you to wear. They are basically shop staffs, but some of them are so popular among customers by their looks and fashion that they eventually get scouted and become fashion models or TV personalities.

If you come to Shibuya with your boyfriend, husband or son, why don't you take him to 109 MEN'S store in front of Shibuya station crossing? This is one of the most popular fashion places for young fashion-oriented boys located near SHIBUYA109. All the stores inside sell nice and cool clothes for men!!

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