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マクセル アクアパーク品川 Aqua Park Shinagawa

  • Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens
  • Shinagawa / Haneda Area
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Shinagawa / Haneda Area
4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0074, Japan
  • Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens
Opening Hours
Date of post:2015/11/16

Feel water in the middle of Tokyo

  • Animal Appreciation

Surrounded by the sea, Japan is blessed with opportunities to see marine creatures. Taking advantage of that, Japan has as many as 60 aquariums for such a small country. If smaller ones are added, it comes to about 100, which means that we can go to aquariums in almost every region equally throughout the country.

Although being a small-sized aquarium, Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa draws lots of visitors because of its easy access from Shinagawa station, and the fact that it is housed in the Prince Hotel of Shinagawa.

It’s open during the day of course, but I recommend you visit it at night, as it’s open until 10 pm, and a night ticket for adult is a bit cheaper (from 5pm). Try to make the most of the daytime sun for other activities, and rush to the world of fantasy from the evening!

The aquarium has 11 different themes in two floors, one of which mainly features jellyfish in a beautiful fish tank with illuminations, and the upper floor features dolphin performances together with the exhibition of illumination, which is held twice in the evening (6 pm- /8 pm- ) in a round pool.

Also a water tunnel called “Wonder tube” is another attraction, where you can look up at the world of water above you. On this floor, you’ll see several sea animals like penguins and spotted seals as well. The rare fish called spotted garden eel is one of the features which you shouldn’t miss.

Some people think aquarium is mainly for children, but for adults? Sure, why not!

Price (Night ticket from 5pm): ¥1,800 (Adult/High school student), ¥1,200 (Junior high school/Primary school student), ¥700 (Child above 4 y.o)

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